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by James Fedewa  •  •  February 25, 2022   

Biden's abysmal foreign policy record

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Obama's former defense secretary Robert Gates flamed Joe Biden's foreign policy decisions in a 2014 memoir. Church Militant's James Fedewa defends that criticism by highlighting Biden's policy mistakes over the decades.

Anderson Cooper, CNN anchor and 60 Minutes contributor: "You wrote, 'Joe Biden's a man of integrity. Still, I think he's been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.'" 

Robert Gates, former secretary of defense: "I think he's gotten a lot wrong."

Forty years is a long time to be on the wrong side of history.

As a young senator in 1975, Joe Biden voted against any aid for South Vietnam's collapsing government — declaring he was "sick and tired" of hearing about America's moral obligation to people there.

In 1991, he voted against the Gulf War, later considered by political analysts one of the most successful military campaigns in U.S. history. He then supported the Iraq War in 2003 — a war the world now describes as a disaster. 

As vice president in 2011, Biden and then-president Obama withdrew troops from Iraq, sending the country into civil war and paving the way for ISIS to unleash its terror.
More recently, who can forget Biden turning a blind eye to last summer's Cuban uprisings or the images and stories of Americans trapped in Afghanistan? Biden hastily withdrew American troops in August, leaving behind billions of dollars worth of equipment for Taliban soldiers and endangering women and Christians.

Reporter: "Is the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan now inevitable?"

President Joe Biden: "No, it's not."

Biden supporters contend his strength is rooted in his amiable "people skills." But what he may possess in wit and charm, he seemingly lacks in discernment and strategic thinking.

Everyone is watching to see how unelected Biden responds, moving forward, to the crisis in Ukraine. His decisions have the potential to improve the world's perception of him and the United States as a beacon of hope. His actions could also drive him further south in already abysmal approval ratings.

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