Deceptive Voter Suppression

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by Joseph Enders  •  •  May 14, 2021   

Worst polling in 40 years

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WASHINGTON ( - Experts are revealing just how bad the election polling was in 2020, vindicating claims of malicious voter suppression.

Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter

A panel of researchers put together by the American Association for Public Research released on Thursday its preliminary analysis of last year's sham election. It shows left-leaning pollsters grossly misrepresented voter support for Biden by a whopping four points, the largest overestimation in 40 years.

Support for Democrat candidates was overstated "in every type of contest we looked at: the national popular vote, the state-level presidential vote as well as senatorial and gubernatorial elections,'' said Joshua Clinton, a professor of political science at Vanderbilt University.

"This was true no matter how respondents were polled. It didn't matter whether you're doing online or telephone polls. A similar level of error was pervasive,'' he added.

The overestimates in 2020 nearly quadrupled the error of the 2016 election, wherein polling estimates for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton were off by only 1.3 points. This poll didn't stop Donald Trump from winning a landslide victory, with 306 electoral votes compared to Clinton's 232.

Polls haven't been this far off the mark since anti-establishment conservative Ronald Reagan's landslide victory against Jimmy Carter in 1980, where pollsters were off by six points.

When excluding Regan's so-called fluke win of 1980, the error in 2020 election polls is higher than any in roughly 70 years, going back to Dwight Eisenhower — another Republican — who won a landslide victory over Democrat Adlai Stevenson in 1952.

The panel provided no definitive reason for these errors, although they did suggest some partial explanations for the discrepancies, one being the "shy Trump-voter."

Joshua Clinton related these are people who supported President Trump but who were unwilling to tell surveyors they would be voting for him. 

"The people who responded to polls were different than those who didn't. This is the first election where that was clear," Clinton noted.

President Trump, slammed surveys by CNN, ABC and NBC, calling them 'skewed' — pointing out that CNN's pool of 1,259 'adults' consisted of only 25% Republicans, with Democrats in the supermajority.

Polling experts, however, had been complaining about the polling errors long before the panel released its findings. Back in October, weeks before the election, pollster Jim Lee from Susquehanna Research gave an alternative theory.

Lee suggested certain mainstream-media polling companies like Franklin & Marshall (F&M) were being maliciously ignorant in swing states, specifically Pennsylvania:

So I've called on the American Association of Public Opinion Research to crack down on egregious polling, to tighten standards for firms like F&M that clearly don't understand the landscape of Pennsylvania and that guys, like Chris and I, that are trying to do quality work — Chris' last poll in 2016, [was] within the margin of error; ours showed the race between [Hillary] Clinton and Trump a statistical tie — when others like F&M had the race at 11 points. And you don't think that's voter suppression?

There is evidence confirming Lee's claims too. CNN released a pre-election poll last June alleging Trump was down by a whopping 14 points nationally.

The polling was considered so outrageous that McLaughlin & Associates, on behalf of President Trump, slammed surveys by CNN, ABC and NBC, calling them "skewed" — pointing out that CNN's pool of 1,259 "adults" consisted of only 25% Republicans, with Democrats in the supermajority.

Both the mainstream media and the polling industry may regret these actions, as polling companies and media corporations rely on public trust to succeed. With every inaccurate prediction, false story, and suppression poll; Americans will likely inch closer and closer to abandoning them entirely.

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