Demonizing the Faithful

by Rodney Pelletier  •  •  October 25, 2018   

Christine Niles talks to John Zmirak, senior editor of [i]The Stream[/i]

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Faithful Catholics have justifiably shown outrage at the recent unveiling of the homosexual clerical scandals revealed this summer.

But the reaction by some bishops has been outright shocking — Pope Francis' reaction being the most appalling. Since Abp. Carlo Viganò's testimony was published in August, Pope Francis has yet to deny any of Viganò's claims.

The National Catholic Reporter gleefully reported Pope Francis' response to journalists, "I will not say a single word on this. I think this statement speaks for itself, and you have the sufficient journalistic capacity to draw conclusions."

After that, establishment Catholic media went on the offensive, attempting to discredit Viganò and Catholics demanding Pope Francis follow his own "zero-tolerance" policy.

Despite maintaining that he would not "say a single word," the Pope complained about ongoing scandal and division, seemingly referring to his critics when he said that silence and prayer is the solution to "people who do not have good will, with people who seek only scandal, who seek only division, who seek only destruction, even within families."

He added, "As the father of lies, the accuser, the devil, acts to destroy the unity of a family, of a people."

The response should be to say your peace and then to keep quiet, he said, because "the truth is mild, the truth is silent, the truth is not noisy."

Days later, Cdl. Oscar Maradiaga, head of the Pope's council of cardinals and nicknamed the "Vice Pope," asserted people are sinning against the Holy Spirit in calling for Pope Francis to resign because "[the Holy Spirit] is ultimately the guide of the Church."

Despite the smear campaign perpetrated against him, Viganò spoke out twice after his initial letter. In his latest letter, he admonishes his fellow bishops:

You too are faced with a choice. You can choose to withdraw from the battle, to prop up the conspiracy of silence and avert your eyes from the spreading of corruption. You can make excuses, compromises and justification that put off the day of reckoning. You can console yourselves with the falsehood and the delusion that it will be easier to tell the truth tomorrow, and then the following day, and so on.

On the other hand, you can choose to speak. You can trust Him who told us, "the truth will set you free." I do not say it will be easy to decide between silence and speaking. I urge you to consider which choice — on your deathbed, and then before the just Judge — you will not regret having made.

To hear more about this, watch Mic'd Up—Demonizing Faithful Catholics.


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