Dems Whine About Dark Money

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by Kristine Christlieb  •  •  November 6, 2020   

Raise more money from billionaires

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This is Rhode Island Democrat senator Sheldon Whitehouse, lecturing U.S. Supreme Court Justice nominee Amy Coney Barrett at the confirmation hearings.

He went on like this for 27 minutes, never asking the nominee a single question.

Democrats have loved to pound on so-called dark money corrupting the system, but what they don't say is they have been the major beneficiaries.

There are three things to know about "dark money." It refers to nonchartiable donations made to nonprofit organizations engaged in political activities. The money is "dark" because the organizations can keep secret who their donors are. These donations are neither illegal nor unethical.

Nevertheless, Democrats' favorite hobby has been denouncing "big money."

Bernie Sanders: "Do you think it hasn't anything to do with the Koch brothers and ExxonMobil pouring huge amounts of money into the political system?"

Remember Barack Obama's pride in his grassroots campaign donations?

Obama: "Let's be clear ... I don't take money from federal lobbyists. I don't take money from PACs."

But in recent years, all that has changed. The big money is going to Democrats, not Republicans.

Senator Ted Cruz: "The Democratic dark money efforts dwarf the Republican dark money efforts."

In Texas, Michael Bloomberg is investing $15 million on TV ads to turn the state blue. According to Federal Election Commission reports, more billionaires support Democrats than Republicans.

Even Bernie Sanders has succumbed and launched an organization called Our Revolution, which, among other things, raises money for his political activities. This is the organization for which Kristopher Jacks is listed as a leader. Project Veritas recently caught Jacks on tape.

Jacks: "I will lie, I will cheat, I will steal — because that's morally acceptable in this political environment."

Wealthy individuals are going to give money to causes of concern to them.

It is an equal-opportunity tool that can be used for evil purposes, but that doesn't mean it should be banned.

Now that Democrats have Wall Street in their back pocket, maybe they will finally stop complaining about "dark money."

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