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by Trey Blanton  •  •  March 19, 2021   

Trespassing for having knelt

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Parishioners walking into church: "We just want to go fulfill our Sunday obligation. We want to go to Mass." The usher responds, "Yeah, but if you don't have a mask, you're not allowed in, sir."

Members of a Catholic group were denied entry into church last Sunday in the archdiocese of San Antonio, Texas. Lay members working for the archdiocese first prevented the group because they were not wearing masks, then, the usher says, "You were asking for the Eucharist in the mouth last time? Y'all are not allowed in the church. Y'all need to leave, please." He continues, "The rector of the church asked me not to let y'all in. Y'all are trespassing."

One member describes the experience she encountered Sunday:

We, the members of San Antonio Church Militant Resistance, were just denied the ability to go to Holy Mass because we were not going to wear our masks, and also, to top it off, we were recognized as the people who chose to kneel and receive Communion on the tongue, and we were told we were not allowed to be in the church and we were trespassing.

In Texas, trespassing is a criminal offense for remaining without what's called "effective consent" on the property of another. But by letter of the law, Catholics not only have permission but an obligation to be present on the premises.

San Antonio's guidelines to the faithful say they are following civic authorities on the response to the China communist virus.

Texas governor Greg Abbott, however, has lifted restrictive mandates, while Abp. Gustavo Garcia-Siller keeps his own COVID restrictions in place. Church Militant reached out to the archdiocese questioning the qualifications of its internal health experts, but no response was given.

No response was given, as well, on whether an official decree has been signed by Garcia-Siller delegating his limited power to deny the sacraments to any designated layperson — one of whom disregarded the right of fellow faithful to receive the sacraments, saying, "I'm on staff with the church right now. We are following our guidelines from the archdiocese of San Antonio."

Ian Hernandez is leading the fight for Catholic rights in San Antonio: 

This type of thing is demonic, and it can't be tolerated, and we will not tolerate it. We will continue to distribute holy water, protect good priests here in our diocese and absolutely fight for the right to attend the cathedral of our own diocese that was paid for by the faithful of our own diocese.

The archdiocese of San Antonio is maintaining control policies created by the communist globalists, and faithful Catholics are left without explanation as to why they cannot worship reverently in their own church.

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