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by James Fedewa  •  •  March 15, 2022   

Faithful Catholic gunning for governor

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Real Catholic Jim Renacci is looking to unseat Ohio's current governor, Mike DeWine, a fake Catholic. 

DeWine is soft on abortion and even appointed to his administration a pro-abortion health director.

Jim Renacci:

He's a career politician; he's been in politics for 45 years. I'm a career businessman. I've been in business for 39 years. I've created 1,500 jobs, employed over 3,000 people. I only went to Washington because my car dealership was taken away from me during the Obama overreach of General Motors, and that's what forced me to say, "I can't take this anymore. I'm going to go in and fight."

During the COVID crisis, DeWine shut down the state to supposedly "flatten the curve," shutting down so-called non-essential businesses. But:


He also left abortion clinics open during that period of time, and he was confronted at one point in time, and they said to him, "Well, you've said that businesses aren't essential, you've said certain surgeries aren't essential; you said all these things aren't essential, and yet you're letting abortions continue," and his answer was,"Well, it would be unconstitutional to shut down abortion facilites."

During the so-called pandemic, DeWine was most famous for holding a vaccine lottery, offering a chance to win cash prizes for taking the jab.

Gov. Mike DeWine:

I know I'll be criticized. I know there'll be some people who say that's a waste. What I think is a waste is when we have a vaccine that will save a life, and someone still gets the COVID and dies because they have not been vaccinated. That's what the waste is.  

According to Renacci, he and DeWine are destined for a fight come May 3, the date of Ohio's Republican primary election. 

Renacci describes himself as a faithful Catholic who doesn't just go through the motions.

Renacci: I believe in the Catholic doctrine. I support the Catholic doctrine. I promote the Catholic doctrine. I go to Church every week. I participate in Catholic faith activities. You know, I don't just go get ashes on my head on Ash Wednesday. 

Throughout the country, Republicans have an opportunity to get the RINOs out of office and put in these American patriots.

Ohio's election is unique in that it does not go to a runoff if a certain percentage isn't achieved by a candidate. So whoever gets the most votes on May 3 — that is your Republican candidate.

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