Detroit Archdiocese Covers for ‘Married’ Gay Employee

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by William Mahoney, Ph.D.  •  •  January 28, 2020   

Aaron Tabaczynski reportedly still serving as wedding coordinator

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DETROIT ( - The Detroit archdiocese is covering up the employment of a man in a so-called same-sex marriage who continues to work as a wedding coordinator at a Jesuit church.

On Jan. 10, Church Militant reported that Ss. Peter and Paul Jesuit Catholic Church (SSPP-JC) in downtown Detroit employs Aaron Tabaczynski as a wedding coordinator.

At the time, Church Militant spoke with archdiocesan Public Relations Manager Holly Fournier, who requested an inquiry be sent by e-mail. 

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Church Militant complied and sent a detailed message inquiring why the pastor of SSPP-JC, Fr. Gary Wright, hired Tabaczynski and why the archdiocese was employing someone living openly in opposition to Church teaching. The diocese responded from a general public relations e-mail account, not naming a sender or recipient:


Regarding the matter you brought to our attention, we will proceed accordingly.

This statement may be attributed to the archdiocese of Detroit.

God bless.

On Jan. 23, Church Militant reached out again to the archdiocese to inquire how the diocese proceeded since Tabaczynski was still listed on his Facebook page as a wedding coordinator at SSPP-JC. 

The archdiocese has not responded. 

Tabaczynski and parish diversity advertisements

As of Tuesday, Aaron Tabaczynski is still a wedding coordinator at and "manages" SSPP-JC, according to his Facebook page, which also features a recent share of two men, dancers and acrobats, presenting "a performance against homophobia." (Viewer discretion is advised). 

The SSPP-JC website does not list Tabaczynski on the staff page or anywhere on the site. 

Without providing any names, the Weddings page offers a general e-mail and states: "Staff may not be available to accommodate tours outside of office hours or on weekends." 

But the parish's Facebook page features many images of Tabaczynski with his homosexual partner and a young girl the two are ostensibly raising, the child being Tabaczynski's from a prior heterosexual union.  

In 2016, Tabaczynski's gay partner launched a GoFundMe account to raise money in a legal battle for full custody of the little girl, stating: 

Please help us in this battle to gain full custody of our child, so that we can provide her with a loving, caring and, above all, a safe home for her where she will continue to grow with the love and support of my husband and myself. Every child deserves a safe and loving home with two parents that love them very much.

The same partner posted a pro-abortion meme in May 2019, claiming conservatives are destroying the country.

Tabaczynski Pro-Abortion Meme

Church Militant reached out to Fr. Gary Wright, the pastor of SSPP-JC, for clarification regarding Tabaczynski's absence on the parish's website but received no response. 

SSPP-JC focuses heavily on social justice themes. 

The church offers a "Social Justice Stations of the Cross" prayer event, sponsors "Solidarity on Tap" where "socializing meets social justice" and operates a "Pope Francis Center" for the homeless.   

Solidarity on Tap-Detroit will meet next on Feb. 4. The presentation, "What Solidarity Looks Like in Detroit Today" will be given by Fr. Vic Clore, who in 1995 wrote for The Michigan Catholic praising Dignity/Detroit and referring to Church teaching on homosexuality as "hypocrisy."

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