Detroit Protecting Predators

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by Bradley Eli, M.Div., Ma.Th.  •  •  December 14, 2018   

Victims of Fr. Shirilla speak

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While the Paciorek brothers are opening up to Church Militant about having been individually targeted by Fr. Gerald Shirilla from the archdiocese of Detroit, Abp. Allen Vigneron, as head of the archdiocese, is pledging to walk with and support victims of homosexual predators like Shirilla.

In his Advent letter to Catholics on Dec. 2, Vigneron writes:

I commit to you that I, along with my brother bishops, will not abandon our unshakable resolve — with your prayerful support — to fix this mess, despite the disappointments we feel and the unexpected interruption to our timetables. This much we know: God wants his Church back. We must not give up hope. A new star will lead the way. God will give us — His people — a new path. And, while words alone do not bring about healing, we can never stray from our promise to listen to, walk with and support victim-survivors — ever.

The Paciorek brothers would also like "this mess" to be fixed. They believe this includes holding those accountable for the cover-up of Shirilla's crimes.

This systemic cover-up allowed Shirilla to continue his homosexual attacks on young men for decades. Some of the men who shielded Shirilla are still in positions of power under Vigneron. One such man is archdiocesan spokesman Ned McGrath, who is still working behind the scenes to run damage control for the archdiocese. Detroit insider Jay McNally calls out McGrath for his involvement in protecting Shirilla, whose victims include all four of the Paciorek brothers.

"The Shirilla case is worthy of extensive reportage," McNally said, "because of the extent of his crimes and the extraordinary efforts that Cdl. Maida, Bp. Cooney, Msgr. John Zenz and Ned McGrath took in 2001 and 2002 to defend Shirilla."

Watch the panel discuss the testimony from the Paciorek brothers and its implications for the archdiocese of Detroit in The Download—Detroit Protecting Predators.

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