Distorted Justice

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by Rodney Pelletier  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  April 21, 2021   

Man's understanding of justice often clashes with the truth

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Biden voters across the United States are cheering yesterday's decision to put Derek Chauvin away for the murder of George Floyd. "Justice has been served," according to a lawyer representing Floyd's family.

But so many people are celebrating justice without understanding its true nature. Justice is a virtue, and, according to the great Jesuit theologian Fr. John Hardon, a virtue is "a good habit that enables a person to act according to right reason enlightened by faith."

The word "virtue" comes from the Latin word virtus, which means virility, strength of character or manliness.

Hardon defines justice as, "the constant and permanent determination to give everyone his ... rightful due." It's really as simple as that.

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Justice, however, must first be directed towards God. How can people be just to God? Simple: Give to God everything He is rightfully due. That means following the 10 Commandments, with a special emphasis on the first three Commandments: (1) Do not worship false gods; (2) Do not use the holy name of the Lord in vain; and (3) Keep holy the sabbath day.

There's no hope that people will be just to each other if they aren't just to God. Now that the United States has turned its back on God, we're being ravaged by queer new Marxist doctrines that are replacing God's simple doctrines, His easy yoke.

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