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by Aidan O'Connor  •  •  April 21, 2022   

Detroit archdiocese on sodomy

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A man outed last year for being in an active sodomite relationship is admitting the archdiocese of Detroit knew all about it — and told him to keep it under wraps. In tonight's In-Depth Report, Church Militant's Aidan O'Connor reveals new details on the archdiocese's stance on sodomy.

Joe Balistreri, former director of music, archdiocese of Detroit: "I repent of not heeding the warnings of my leaders at the diocese and preparing myself for the attack that eventually came."

Until being outed as an active homosexual last year, Joe Balistreri had been the archdiocese's director of music since 2011. It ended when Church Militant revealed (in February 2021) Balistreri had been living a double life.

But until the undercover video was made public, the archdiocese kept his secret from the faithful.

In a March 27 video, Balistreri joined with pro-sodomy activist priest James Alison and Terry Gonda to discuss their stories.

Terry Gonda, former director of music, St. John Fisher: "The archdiocese of Detroit would be terminating my employment as music director at St. John Fisher Chapel under the morality clause because I'm married to a woman."

Gonda was fired in June 2020. Her pastor told her, "I confirmed that you and Kirsti had informed me of your marital status some five years ago; now the archdiocese is choosing to activate its morality clause to terminate your employment."

Balistreri commented on how, at the time of Gonda's firing, he was privy to inside archdiocesan information.

Balistreri: "I'm working with all these different department heads in the chancery — folks all the way up and down the chain in the organization were upset with the way it happened." 

Although he was defrocked for LGBT activism, Alison claims Pope Francis unofficially restored his priestly faculties in a 2019 phone call. According to Alison, bishops know all about sodomites working in chanceries and parishes throughout the Church.

Fr. James Alison, LGBT activist: "But the Church, of course, largely is staffed by gay men and largely staffed by gay men who are very much part of a 'don't ask, don't tell' culture." 

He's open about how bishops only act against sodomites when their activities become public.

Alison: "They only have one rule, which is, 'don't cause scandal.' ... Off the record, they all know what the reality is — the reality of the clergy, the reality of their employees. They know that the whole culture couldn't run, that the Catholic Church is queen-o-rama."

The question still remains — why was Gonda summarily fired while Balistreri was treated with kid gloves until it became public? With such a massive gay culture present in the Detroit archdiocese, it could simply be a measure of self-protection.

The archdiocese was ambiguous as to whether Balistreri was fired or forced to resign. There's much more to the sodomite coverup in the archdiocese. Watch the Vortex episode Crime and Cover-Up for more information.

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