Dr. Moreau’s Island Is Real!

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by Raymond de Souza  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  August 9, 2021   

And it's run by the Chinese Communist Party

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A classic horror story that has been featured in various movies is that of Dr. Moreau, who experimented by mixing humans and animals on a secret island — a terrifying sequence of events.

John Ratcliffe

It was supposed to be science horror, but today, it's a reality. "China conducts military tests on the People's Liberation Army of China in the hope of cultivating soldiers with biologically enhanced capabilities," the then-director of national intelligence John Ratcliffe wrote in a piece last December in The Wall Street Journal.

This is an aspect of the Chinese dictators' rule that may not be well-known in the West: China's experiments with human beings are aimed at speeding up the evolutionary process in order to achieve what Hitler failed to achieve. The Chinese are committed to achieving "biological hegemony."

"There are no ethical boundaries to Beijing's pursuit of power," Ratcliffe noted.

The horrors of the Third Reich's efforts to create a "superior race" once seemed relegated to some gruesome documentaries. Indeed, many movies have been made about the Nazis' dreams (read: nightmares) and those of atheistic scientists in the West who share the same desires.

These things were relegated to the realm of science fiction — until now. Under the Marxist flag of Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), such experiments are an ongoing reality.

Bing Su, a Chinese geneticist at the Kunming Zoology Institute (which is a state agency), recently inserted the human MCPH1 gene into a monkey in an attempt to make the monkey's brain "more human."

His next experiment would consist of grafting into apes the SRGAP2C gene, which is related to human intelligence; and the FOXP2 gene, which is linked to language skills.

"The advance of biotechnology in China is moving in a really macabre direction," Brandon Weichert wrote for American Greatness in January 2019.

"And, with its newfound wealth and capabilities, firms from all over the world increasingly are seeking to do business in China, thereby empowering the Chinese regime even more," explained Weichert, author of The Weichert Report and Winning Space: How America Remains a Superpower.

Dr. He Jiankui's dangerous and sadistic work in Shenzhen was caught and provoked international controversy. He was fined and sentenced to three years in prison for "illegally conducting the gene-editing of human embryos."

But that was just a smokescreen for the public's consumption. Xi's "punishment" fooled no one. In the country of Communist Party surveillance, the Chinese "Dr. Frankenstein" had obviously been encouraged by the CCP to carry out his inhuman experiments. In communist China, Marxist amorality is the only rule.


Gordon Chang of the Gatestone Institute

(Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

Beijing's lawsuit against Dr. He Jiankui served as a shield to prevent the international scientific community from demanding an investigation into the conduct of the Chinese government. 

Another CCP goal is to produce hybrids between men and robots. In China, ambition runs wild, and researchers are chasing any scientific progress that scores points with the dictator.

What happens when you mix pig DNA with monkey DNA? Chinese scientists have already run the experiment. How about inseminating human-like organs in animals? They've done it, too. It's business as usual. There are no qualms of conscience, as happens (sometimes) in the West. The Island of Dr. Moreau was not just a horror movie. China has made it a reality.

Gordon Chang of the Gatestone Institute believes Beijing would idealize "super workers" and "super soldiers," as then-director of national intelligence John Ratcliffe alluded to, supra. It's unclear just how far they've come.

The CCP expects to reap many rewards from its genetic-experimentation projects, which are partly necessary due to China's one-child policy. The policy has been in place for years, and has led couples to strongly prefer boys to girls. This has resulted in the systematic murder of countless baby girls. (Of course, both the West and the Vatican are dead silent about China's murderous sexism). The boys, in turn, are pampered by parents and, as spoiled brats, they prove unfit for military service. Thus, China needs more capable soldiers.

Without the slightest shadow of doubt, the Communist Party has in mind much more than soldiers. The acts of Dr. He Jiankui at the Southern University of Science and Technology in Shenzhen evoke the Third Reich eugenics program, which was designed to create a "superior race." China, it appears, wants to create the perfect communist.

The Chinese government professes evolutionism and the perfectibility of the human race. That supposed perfection is achieved by mutating the human genome to fulfill the directions of the five-year plan of the Communist Party and its "divine" chief, Xi Jinping.

Science fiction provides various models for China's military biological tests: Chinese scientists speak of "genetic doping" to make future generations smarter and more innovative, fully in tune with the philosophy of masters Mao and Xi.

A Chinese source familiar with this field stressed that at least four groups are seeking to edit human embryo genes in China.

Nature.com magazine reported in April 2015 that Chinese researchers at Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou edited "non-viable" human embryos in an experiment unheard of worldwide.

"A Chinese source familiar with developments in the field said that at least four groups in China are pursuing gene editing in human embryos," the magazine's website reported.

"Not everyone shares our scruples and we must be prepared for whatever the future holds." said Florence Parly, French Minister of the armed forces.

Michael Clarke of King's College London pointed out to The Sun, a British tabloid, that there is already a biological competition fueled by China.

With no ethics or decency, no law and no sense of moderation, Chinese Marxist materialism expands. And it collects in the West the technology to give birth to a new species of genetically engineered humans, to march with goose-steps.

The $2 billion a year the CCP pays the Vatican for its silence has indeed produced results. It is unlikely that Pope Francis will speak up against the CCP's blatant violations of human nature. The alleged rights of illegal immigrants in America and Europe take precedence, of course.

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