Minnesota-area Drag Queen Exposes Crotch to Children

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by Rodney Pelletier  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  October 30, 2019   

Local parents calling out attempted sexualization of children

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MINNETONKA, Minn. (ChurchMilitant.com) - A drag queen exposed his crotch while reading to children at a Minneapolis area Drag Queen Story Hour.

On October 17 the Hennepin County Library in Minnetonka, Minnesota, sponsored one of at least 17 Drag Queen Story Hours taking place in libraries throughout the county between September and October.

Anne Taylor, a child advocate and witness to the event, comments, "We've heard of stories here and across the U.S. on Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH) taking precedence in our local, tax-payer funded libraries. I initially thought this was a hoax and simply unfathomable until I experienced one myself."

Taylor described how a man, going by the name Sasha Sota "strode in suggestively past the children, sitting down in a chair before several preschool-aged girls with his legs spread wide, exposing his nylon covered crotch in front of children sitting at eye level." She continued, "We noticed that he did this often while reading nervously before the children."

She revealed that about 20 parents or grandparents with about 22 children between infancy and elementary school age were present and added, "There were several instances where I witnessed a few dads with their young ones in tow, and then quickly left when they saw [Sota] for themselves."

The child advocate noted the event began with a librarian wearing a "Black Lives Matter" T-shirt who read a book titled All Are Welcome Here to the children. Sota then read Pink is for Boys and Not All Princesses Dress in Pink to the children, finishing with a dance to the tune of Taylor Swift's Shake it Off.

Taylor voiced her concerns saying, "I'm not sold on the slow train to transgender fluidity for preschoolers as that is clearly where these books lead, which is, obviously, sexually grooming a child based not just on the attire of the Drag Queen, but the lifestyle accompanied by so many in the drag community."

The event represents an extension of September's Pride month events, promoting LGBT ideology to children. Julie Quist, chairman of the board for the Minnesota-based Child Protection League (CPL) spoke to Church Militant, revealing this story hour is the latest episode in a coordinated effort to sexualize children in the Minneapolis area.

Quist notes that Hennepin County library officials are refusing to submit DQSH readers, including Sota, to background checks. She tells Church Militant, "It's the same agenda which is bringing kids in and letting them think that exposing your genitals is a perfectly normal thing. We're looking at the real onslaught of pedophilia becoming acceptable." She continued, noting that the sexualization of children is "extraordinarily dangerous."

It's the same agenda which is bringing kids in and letting them think that exposing your genitals is a perfectly normal thing. We're looking at the real onslaught of pedophilia becoming acceptable.

The CPL chairman called out the American Library Association (ALA) which, she says, is "full of leftists." They're "intentionally imposing this" on Minneapolis families, calling them an "occupying force that's come into our communities."

The ALA openly promotes sodomy and LGBT ideology, with its website claiming "Rainbow Round Table (RRT) of the American Library Association is committed to serving the information needs of the LGBTQIA+ professional library community, and the LGBTQIA+ information and access needs of individuals at large."

Taylor and Quist noted that paid security always accompanies the drag queens at the events, often with several personnel present.

Quist addressed the dangers of the LGBT ideologues hoisting the story hours on the community, "They are doing this with our money and they're forcing it into our communities against our consent," adding, "There is absolutely no reason that a free people should have a hostile, dangerous ideology imposed upon them in their communities at their expense."

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