Catholic Charity Abets Ireland’s Baby-Killers

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by Jules Gomes  •  •  March 15, 2022   

Diocesan agency promotes gender transitioning for kids, 'lesbian Jesus'

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DUBLIN, Ireland ( - The social support agency of the archdiocese of Dublin is coming under fire for collaborating with groups promoting abortion, sodomy, genital mutilation and radical gender ideology

Retired Dublin archbishop Diarmuid Martin with Conor Hickey

Crosscare, which reported an income of €25.32 million just before the China virus crisis, is being slammed for its links with Spunout — a charity that advises girls under the age of 15 to get a free abortion in "exceptional circumstances" without parental consent. 

Spunout campaigned for traditionally Catholic Ireland to repeal its opposition to abortion in 2018, falsely claiming laws protecting the unborn child were "harmful to the health of pregnant people, both mentally and physically." The country's legalization of abortion has resulted in the deaths of thousands of children.

In September, Crosscare published on its website a 56-page "Guide to All Things Gay," affirming the LGBTQ+ lifestyle among young people, giving teens advice on "how to come out" as a homosexual and how to legally change gender "if you are aged 16 or 17."

"If getting involved in a physical relationship, remember the age of consent is 17, and you should protect yourself against any STI [Sexually Transmitted Infections]," the guide states, never once mentioning abstinence or any Catholic teaching on sexuality and relationships.

In its guide, Crosscare, which appeals to Catholics for its annual collection, publicized lesbian singer Hayley Kiyoko who, in her single "Girls like Girls," sings: "Girls like girls like boys do — nothing new." She has been christened by her fan base the "lesbian Jesus" — a blasphemy. 

'Shocking, Grave Scandal'

"It is shocking and a grave scandal that Crosscare is allied with Spunout — an organization that promotes the evil of abortion — as well as other ideologies that are a twisting and distorting of the truth revealed by God and entrusted to His Church," Fr. Patrick McCafferty told Church Militant.  

It is shocking and a grave scandal that Crosscare is allied with Spunout — an organization that promotes the evil of abortion.

Fr. McCafferty, a faithful priest serving Corpus Christi parish in Belfast, elaborated: 

Crosscare's collaboration and association with Spunout is traitorous towards orthodox Catholics. It is a negation of Crosscare's identity as a Catholic organization in good standing and a betrayal of the trust that Catholics place in Crosscare by contributing to its work in good faith.

No Catholic organization worthy of the name will, in any way whatsoever, seek an alliance with a group that espouses positions on moral evils that are irreconcilable with the Catholic faith.


The outspoken priest called upon Crosscare to "renounce its association with Spunout," warning it would "forfeit all credibility, otherwise, as a Catholic organization deserving of the support of the faithful." 

Big Money, Big Deception

Crosscare insists its mission is "inspired by the example and teachings of Jesus Christ" and "a vision of a society where all people have the opportunity to fulfill their potential and a mission to help those most in need." 

Girls like girls like boys do — nothing new.

The charity's chief executive, Conor Hickey, who was paid a basic salary of €141,536 in 2020, is answerable to the archbishop of Dublin. Crosscare supplements Hickey's income with €14,000 in pension contributions, a car allowance of €4,000 and €2,000 in health insurance, making him one of the top-earning CEOs in Ireland's charity sector.

Faithful priest Fr. Patrick McCafferty

The charity, which is also known as St. Laurence O'Toole Catholic Social Care CLG, received €20,436 million from the government in 2020.  
Crosscare has also been named as a member of the Soros-funded European Network Against Racism (ENAR), which was identified in the European Parliament as a front organization of the far-left agitator's Open Society Foundations and received €900,787 from George Soros in 2019.

Father McCafferty stressed it is "a matter of the gravest urgency that archbishop of Dublin Dermot Farrell acts to rectify the scandalous situation that has arisen." 

"The mission of the Church in society — and every manifestation of the Church of Jesus Christ — is to preach the gospel and call human beings to conversion — not to collude with the world in its wickedness and contempt for the law of God," the faithful priest observed.

Church Militant has contacted the archbishop of Dublin's office and Crosscare for comment.

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