Andrzej Duda Wins Close Polish Election

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by Martina Moyski  •  •  July 14, 2020   

'The cultural battle for Catholic Poland'

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WARSAW, Poland ( - Poland's incumbent President Andrzej Duda has been declared the winner of a close national election.

Warsaw mayor Rafał Trzaskowski

Exit polls showed that President Duda got 51.12% of the votes while his opponent, Warsaw mayor Rafał Trzaskowski, got 48.88% in the second, and final, round of the presidential elections.

Duda won 10.4 million votes, and his competitor — "despite his extreme leftist views and policy in the capital" — was supported by over 9.9 million people, according to Christiana Polonia.

The turnout reached an historical record of 68.9%.

"You have seen this amazing turnout — almost 70%. Thank you all for making this possible. To win a presidential election with a 70% turnout is truly remarkable. I am profoundly moved and once again wish to extend my sincere gratitude to all of my compatriots," the president said after the announcement.

"I wish to sincerely congratulate Rafał Trzaskowski for his election result, and show my appreciation to all of his supporters for having cast their ballots in these elections," he added.

Poland was a haircut from the 'rainbow' presidency of Rafał Trzaskowski.

Despite Duda's polite words, the close election results reveal the tug-of-war between conservative Catholic values on one hand and leftist, LGBT atheistic forces on the other in the historically Catholic nation.

Catholic observers are already noting that Duda's next term will not only define the future of his PiS Party (Prawo i Sprawiedliwość, meaning Law and Justice) but also the future course of Poland itself.

An article called "The Last Chance of President Andrzej Duda. Will he use it?" published in Christiana Polonia makes the case that the next five years represent "the cultural battle for Catholic Poland."

The article warns that Duda cannot just speak about preserving "Western civilization" during a campaign but must make it the hallmark of what he does in the Sejm — the lower house of the bicameral Parliament — during his last term if a viable Catholic Poland is to survive.

The article warns that Duda cannot just speak about preserving 'Western civilization' during a campaign but must make it the hallmark of what he does.

It pointed out that "the second round of elections showed [Poland] was a haircut from the 'rainbow' presidency of Rafał Trzaskowski."

The scales tipped in favor of victory this time, the article points out, but to avoid the "postulates of the political homosexual movement" and "the path of moral downfall" — as has befallen the West, it says — it makes a number of recommendations to Duda.

The umbrella command it gives to Duda is to "protect children" — children in the womb and children already born "who are threatened with spiritual death" by the dangerous LGBT ideologies in the community.

It also gives a list of imperatives including:

  • End gender experiments at universities
  • Finalize the process of defending the youngest against homosexual adoption
  • Prohibit the financing of LGBT organizations by foreign "rainbow" propaganda centers
  • Curb public scandal and blasphemy against God and the Holy Virgin at homosexual rallies and demonstrations
  • Force the Polish authorities to carry out cleanup on public television so that it stops promoting moral revolution in productions and becomes a mainstay of normality and traditional values

To be successful, it continues poetically saying, Duda must pay homage to Poland's past by putting into service "the golden syllables of Polish history." Going forward he must "head the national counterrevolution, [head] the universal movement to protect life and morality and save the homeland from indecent revolution."

But the article argues that Duda is "a person who likes challenges" and should then "easily find himself in the role of an authentic national leader." In addition, Duda, it claims, has grounds upon which to build a "potential front of national renewal" because the electoral victory at nearly 70% reveals "a powerful mandate of trust."

A source on site in Poland told Church Militant the "final result of the election really looks like a miracle," adding,

Many Poles decided to pray and fast for the good outcome of Duda's re-election. Some even started comparing it to the "Miracle on the Vistula" of 1920 when Polish soldiers managed to fight back Bolshevik efforts to make Poland a communist state.

In any event for now, traditional Poles are thankful for the election results and see in it a firewall of sorts against the leftist hordes at the gates of Poland — and already inside its walls.

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