Dutch Abortion Industry Wracked by Allegations of Fraud

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by Stephen Wynne  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  October 11, 2017   

Netherlands' taxpayers bilked out of millions

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AMSTERDAM (ChurchMilitant.com) - Dutch abortion mills have illegally pocketed millions of euros of taxpayer money, according to a new report.

An investigation by Dutch newspaper Nederlands Dagblad has uncovered a raft of fraud and corruption inside the CASA abortion mill network — a web of seven facilities responsible for roughly half the Netherlands' 31,000 abortions each year.

The September exposé corroborates a recent study by Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant, which revealed that abortion facilities were reimbursed for services provided to non-existing clients.

Allegedly, CASA mills charged extra fees for anesthesia, which they were not authorized to do and submitted "treatment" costs for reimbursement twice. These tactics allowed them to swipe millions of euros in Dutch government subsidies — money taken from the pockets of Dutch taxpayers.

In total, CASA pilfered almost €15 million or more than $17 million.

Still, it hasn't been enough to spare CASA financial crisis; the network has been forced to declare partial bankruptcy, owing to high costs and a bloated workforce.

CASA is not alone in its alleged improprieties. According to Nederlands Dagblad, the Bloemenhovekliniek abortion mill in Heemstede appears to have duped Dutch taxpayers out of €800,000.  

Bloemenhovekliniek's director, Thea Schippers, has blasted the allegations, accusing Nederlands Dagblad of "reproach." But though she has been contacted many times by the paper's journalists, Schippers refuses to provide an official statement.   

Kees van Helden, Schreew om Leven (Cry for Life) director

Kees van Helden, director of Dutch pro-life group Schreew om Leven (Cry for Life), observes:

It is obviously very difficult to explain that you submitted insurance claims that were too high. Above all, how do you explain that you did not hire the right people, who are qualified to administer anesthesia, according to the health care norm? How do you clarify that your choice to let non-qualified personnel administer anesthesia could have endangered women?

Instead, Schippers has adopted a different tactic: talking to the media to paint herself as victim. She complains publicly that CASA's crisis has resulted in a spike in abortions at Bloemenhovekliniek, increasing the wait time for abortions. According to abortionist Janna Westerhuis, this may result in women "ending up with an unwanted child."

Van Helden is blasting Dutch Establishment media for uncritically digesting Schippers' narrative. 

It is unbelievable that the media once again fell for the "heroic victim role" the abortion industry always seem to take on. The focus in the news has shifted from the fraud to women who are now "victims" because they may end up with an unwanted child. Journalists are not talking about the consequences of an abortion, they talk about workload within clinics and waiting lists. That is newsworthy to them. This is not surprising, considering the fact most media are pro-choice and therefore consider abortion as a right, which should not be discussed. The tactics of Schippers to shift the attention from the fraud at the Bloemenhovekliniek to the "problems with waiting lists" seems to work."

"If it would be up to me, to us and everyone who believes life is worth protecting," Van Helden observes, "Mrs. Schippers should be prosecuted. Mostly for her fraud, but also for her lies."

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