Economic Implosion

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by Rodney Pelletier  •  •  May 7, 2021   

Marxists squeezing the US economy for control

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The level of division in the United States is part of a multi-pronged attack designed to bring the majority of Americans to heel under Marxist tyranny.

In March 2020, a mixture of leftist state governors and media-induced panic shut down the liveliest economy in history. Now, the United States is facing an economic catastrophe of historic proportions.

After months of lockdowns, Americans were chomping at the bit to get back to normal. But they didn't realize there would have to be a so-called new normal.

Most people willingly complied when they were told "two weeks to flatten the curve." But as weeks dragged on to months — and months to over an entire year — the goal of getting back to normal kept being pushed off till later.

Now, more than a year later, normalcy is nowhere to be found. The next goal is experimental gene therapy being pushed as a "vaccine." Just a few months ago, the goal was to get everyone to take the jab, and then everything would be fine.

Now Pfizer and other vaccine makers are raking in billions of dollars in profits due to lucrative deals with nearly every government on earth. Unsurprisingly, they're revealing that booster shots will be required every six months.

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Now, what's considered "normal" is a society where everybody will be expected to show their vaccine papers, where those who don't will be shunned and penalized. Now the jab is the price of freedom.

Society has spent the last 50 years embracing the wholesale slaughter of unborn babies, justifying more than 60 million dead with the pithy quip, "my body, my choice," and claiming that a procedure like abortion is nobody's business.

Now the thinking has become completely inverted and anybody choosing to abstain from receiving so-called vaccines or even remotely questions their efficacy or safety is being accused of murder. Suddenly, a person's medical choice affects others. No "My body, my choice" when it comes to getting stuck for COVID.

Fear and regular bailouts are devolving the United States into socialism.

The leftist media has been cranking up the fear of death since last year, and it's been shockingly effective. Only a few weeks ago, CNN admitted in an undercover video that it was hyping China virus death numbers in order to scare people and secure higher ratings.

One of the results of this relentless propaganda is that people are afraid to work. But with the Biden administration handing out trillions of dollars in so-called stimulus, people are being paid to stay home rather than work.

Now, businesses are cutting hours and services because people don't want to work. Fear and regular bailouts are devolving the United States into socialism.

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