Pennsylvania Rigged for 2020

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by Kristine Christlieb  •  •  November 5, 2020   

State fraught with fraud

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Pennsylvania is more than a battleground state. It is a must-win state.

"Pennsylvania, obviously, is the gateway to the re-elect," said Sam Stein, The Daily Beast's Political Editor.

Almost every likely path to a 2020 victory for President Trump requires Pennsylvania's 20 electoral votes. In 2016, Trump won by a little more than 44,000 votes, less than 1% of all votes cast. Trump's obstacles in Pennsylvania have changed but remain formidable: potential voter fraud, media bias and, among Catholic voters, the influence of Democrat bishops in crucial counties.

Trump is confident about Pennsylvania, but he sees voter fraud — especially in Philadelphia — as a real problem.

"The only way we can lose in my opinion is massive fraud. And we're watching you, governor, very closely in Philadelphia," President Trump told a cheering crowd in Allentown.

The problem primarily lies with mail-in voting. Democrats have used fear of the China virus to heavily promote mail-in voting.

In a controversial, evenly split decision that had U.S. Chief Justice Roberts siding with the liberal side again, the Supreme Court ruled that ballots received up to three days after the election will be counted.

"Imagine knocking on the door of your favorite voting ... place and saying, 'I know the voting booths closed an hour ago but I want to vote," former independent counsel Ken Starr told Fox News correspondent Trace Gallagher.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court recently ruled that even if a voter's signature doesn't match the signature on file, that mail-in ballot cannot be rejected.

"The Pennsylvania situation is really a travesty," Starr remarked.

The radical voting changes and last-minute court rulings in Pennsylvania have left voters confused.

The Marxist media are trying to dampen Trump voter enthusiasm and turnout by not reporting the size of his rallies or not reporting at all on massive events like statewide Trump caravans, convoys and floatillas.

Biden has tried to suppress Trump support by falsely claiming all the unions are behind him.

"We gave President Donald Trump our endorsement out of [Boilermakers] local 154 in Pittsburgh," Shawn Steffee, speaking on behalf of his union, told Martha MacCallum, who hosts on Fox News her show The Story.

Likely Biden voters are showing softer support for their candidate than Trump supporters who are fired up and eager to vote for their candidate, in person, where their votes are more likely to be counted.

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