Episcopal Sodomy: Two Lives Destroyed

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by Church Militant  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  August 22, 2018   

The culture of homosexual cover-up

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The high school named after Cdl. Donald Wuerl in his former diocese of Pittsburgh, where he knowingly covered up cases of homosexual predation, has voted to strike his name from the school.

Reports are that Wuerl had earlier expressed his desire that the school, in fact, do so.

And now it becomes increasingly more difficult to see how Wuerl cannot be stripped from the College of Cardinals by Pope Francis like Theodore McCarrick was, because Wuerl engaged in the same exact behavior many other bishops did in covering up predator priests, thus violating the zero tolerance standard set by the Holy Father himself. We will stay on top of that aspect for you as events develop.

As a note, we have deliberately chosen to name this series "Episcopal Sodomy" because this is the truth of the matter.

It is the embrace of homosexuality by all levels of the clergy — especially the bishops — that has caused this great evil to befall the Church. And those bishops who either deny it or ignore this truth are wrong.

And for the record, yes, that includes Pope Francis himself. He is wrong to label this "clericalism," a term introduced into the discussion by pro-gay Cdl. Blase Cupich two weeks ago.

Yet, that is the party line circulating among senior clergy — let's call this "clericalism" — wrong, Your Holiness; wrong, Your Eminences; wrong, Your Excellencies — wrong.

That implies this is nothing more than just some institutional mindset, some "boys' club" approach gone awry. It is an institutional approach true enough, but an institutional approach primarily geared specifically to protecting a dominant homosexual clique which has seized operational control of the Church.

That control has led to tens of thousands of victims, the vast majority, physically mature males being sexually abused by pederast clergy — older homosexual men preying on younger males who have already passed through puberty.

But even more sinister than the actual physical assaults, performed by twisted and perverted individuals, is the protection of this evil by cold, calculating men who demonstrate no care or concern for those victimized by their clergy.

Church Militant sat down earlier today with two men: Anthony and Wes.

Anthony was six years old when a priest by the name of Dennis Riter in the diocese of Buffalo sexually assaulted him.

Wes — at the time — was a 26-year-old third-year seminarian from Poland studying for ordination for the diocese. One day in 1992, Anthony and his family met Wes at his parish assignment location in Lackawanna.

Wes and Anthony's father, Tom, went off to McDonalds to buy lunch for the family — leaving Mom, who fell asleep in the car with the three children: Wes, his older brother, Tommy, and their sister who stayed in the car with mom. The two boys got out of the car on the Church grounds. We'll pick up the story from there but we must warn you, parts of this are graphic and may not be suitable for all viewers.

[Transcript Unavailable]

Anthony's parents called the police the next day, but the police said since they had cleaned Anthony up from the physical evidence from the priest, there was no way to prove what had happened and nothing they could do.

The evil that has infected various leaders in the Church needs to be expunged.

The evil that has infected various leaders in the Church needs to be expunged.

Pope Francis isn't doing it.

The cardinals aren't doing it.

The Curia isn't doing it.

The U.S Conference of Bishops isn't doing it.

Cardinal Wuerl is still walking around as a cardinal.

The priest who, 25 years ago, forced Anthony into oral sex is still walking around as a priest.

This is why the laity has to act. There are too few reform-minded clergy to end this evil. They will not deal in reality. They will not deal with the truth. They are protecting themselves — too many of them are hirelings.

To date, not one — not one — bishop has stepped forward and accepted a shred of responsibility for any of this wickedness — not one.

Not one has admitted he knew anything about McCarrick raping seminarians in his beach house — in fact, many have lied claiming they knew nothing.

Pray that thousands and thousands of Catholics descend on Baltimore for the bishops' annual meeting in November.

Just go to: thebishopsknew.com.

The bishops cannot be trusted to solve this because they were already supposed to have solved this and they exempted themselves so they could keep their homosexual collective in place and continue to prey on innocent victims.

Church Militant is not going to give up on this until real consequences on this Earth are visited upon these wicked men.


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