Pro-LGBT Equality Act Forces Doctors to Violate Their Oath to Do No Harm

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by Anita Carey  •  •  May 23, 2019   

Legislators are attempting to dictate how doctors can treat their patients

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DETROIT ( - A top pediatrician is warning the Equality Act will force medical professionals to violate their oath to do no harm.

Despite widespread condemnation from over 100 conservative groups, Congressional Bill H.R.5, commonly known as the Equality Act, passed by a 236 to 173 vote on Friday. It was written to "prohibit discrimination based on sex, sexual orientations and gender identity" and elevates LGBT identity to the level of a protected class similar to race under the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

The Equality Act will also void the Clinton-era Religious Freedom Restoration Act that prevents the federal government from encroaching on individuals' religious liberty.

After an interview with The Daily Signal, Church Militant reached out to Dr. Michelle Cretella, the executive director of the American College of Pediatricians, to learn more about why she called H.R.5 "very dangerous legislation."

"It's because H.R.5 rewrites civil rights law on so many different levels. It literally guts religious rights, parent rights, it eliminates the female half of the human race in law," she said.

She also warned the Equality Act would actually force health care professionals to violate their Hippocratic Oath and "do harm."

Under the Obama administration, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services found that there are too many side effects and not enough evidence to support any benefit from gender reassignment.

Dr. Cretella said the biggest problem with the Equality Act is that it will mandate every health care professional to participate in experimental procedures.

"We know from common sense and decades of education and media research that kids will engage in behaviors that are modeled for them in the family, the classroom and across all forms of media," Dr. Cretella explains. "Therefore, we could have predicted the current skyrocketing rates of kids claiming trans identities and requestion cross-sex hormones and surgeries."

This study proves that transition alone is not the answer to suicide prevention.

She also noted that surgeries to remove sexual organs and "doping" on cross-sex hormones "does nothing to decrease the risk of suicide."

There's a huge study out of Sweden that followed transgender individuals for 10, 20 and 30 years out. At 10 years out from surgery, their mental health was significantly worse than the general populations. So despite getting hormones and surgery, their underlying issues were not healed. By 30 years after surgery, the transgender-identified population had a suicide rate 19 times greater than the general population.

The authors of the study explained that they cannot predict what the suicide rate will be over time and Dr. Cretella added, "The study is important, however, because even the pro-LGBTQ authors admit that this study proves that transition alone is not the answer to suicide prevention."

When asked if the explosion of affirming transgender tendencies in very young children and teen-aged girls will lead to more suicides, she responded, "Yes, I believe that it is reasonable to predict that we will see a worsening of mental health overall and a climb in suicide in the long run."

She said we do not know what will be the result of these unnecessary surgeries "as the children grow into adults and discover the irreversible changes forced upon their vulnerable bodies and mind."

Additionally, the exact effects of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones given to physically healthy children aren't fully known. Studies of Lupron, the main puberty blocker used, on children with precocious puberty predict that girls can experience bone fractures, boys can experience obesity and testicular cancer and adults suffer cognitive decline.

The research currently being produced is an exercise in 'confirmation bias.'

Use of cross-sex hormones have risk factors for high blood pressure, blood clots, stroke, heart attack, diabetes and various cancers.

"And this list is not exhaustive," she noted.

"Studies to identify the answers to these questions prior to widespread use were never conducted," Dr. Cretella said. "Instead, the research currently being produced is an exercise in 'confirmation bias.' The majority of researchers conducting the studies are longstanding transgender activists who have a vested interest in particular outcomes and construct their studies accordingly."

Other research that isn't biased has been stifled.

She explained:

[F]or a couple decades now, academia has been really controlled by progressive leftist elites, and American College of Pediatricians, we have many academic members who … won't get their research funded because it doesn't tow the ideological line, whether that is with regard to the life issues, or ideal family structure, and certainly the transgender issue.

Of the studies that do provide good scientific information, those are ignored or heavily criticized. One study found people with gender identity disorder have a chemical factor in their brain associated with mental illness that is elevated.

"You're not going to hear about that study because, 'Oh, it suggests that maybe gender dysphoria, trans identity might be related to mental illness somehow,'" she said.

Doctors and other health care professionals are already facing persecution and the loss of their privileges. A former pediatric nurse Church Militant spoke with explained that medical facilities quietly enact new regulations and the staff only finds out about them after they've come into force.

When suddenly faced with a situation that violates their consciences, they are put in a position where if they do not comply, they could be charged with patient abandonment and lose their license.

Doctor Cretella said that already doctors and Catholic health care facilities in New Jersey and California are being sued for not performing voluntary hysterectomies on gender dysphoric women.

She added that even publicly cautioning against affirming transgender belief in children "can be career ending." Medical professionals who do so are also socially ostracized and vilified.

Dr. Cretella said in order to "transform the transgender narrative," Americans need to be educated on the topic. She suggested The Kelsey Coalition as a good place to start for those who want to become active in the fight.

The full interview with Dr. Michelle Cretella can be found here.

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