ERA Redux

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by Trey Blanton  •  •  March 22, 2021   

A timeless right to kill

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The House of Representatives voted Wednesday to eliminate the deadline exceeded decades ago to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment (or "ERA"), with one congresswoman saying, "It's time to affirm that there is no expiration date on equality."

American Marxists claim they're fighting for equal rights for women. (However, "protecting women" vanishes when women don't want to kill children, leading to violence instead.)

Debate over the ERA began in earnest, in the '70s. Then, as today, no one believed women should be harmed. However, women like Phyllis Schlafly were quick to point out what radical feminists really wanted, saying, "I urge you every time you see someone on television talking about women's rights, that you think to yourself, 'Is this a person who thinks the premier woman's right is the right to kill her unborn baby?' Because that's the way the feminists look at it."

Dismantling the family and forcing women into abortion would be a natural consequence of the ERA. Schlafly says: 

Now, until you can make it equal for men to have the babies just like women, then it is a double burden to the women to say the rules for family support should be equal on the husband and the wife. ERA ends up taking away the right of the wife to be supported by her husband.

The ERA, to Schlafly, would enshrine abortion as a constitutional right and force the consciences of Christians to fund and support the killing of innocent children.

Early feminists could not accurately foresee complications to women's rights, like the draft, with the idea politicians could learn from mistakes.

Betty Friedan: "There is nothing inevitable about war. I think the American people have learned a lot from the Vietnam [War] and there won't be, again, so easy a way of risking the lives of American boys or girls."

In the decades since the ERA deadline expired, much has changed in society that will now be exploited using this amendment. Men, calling themselves "women," may use "equal rights" to dominate biological women in sports, education and elsewhere. Transgender ideations have long been considered a mental illness, along with related sexual disorders like pedophilia.

If a broadly interpreted ERA becomes law of the land, women will not be safe in- or outside of the womb.

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