EU Targets ‘Religious Extremists’

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by Aidan O'Connor  •  •  June 25, 2021   

Parliamentarians blacklist pro-lifers worldwide

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BRUSSELS ( - A group of European parliamentarians is painting pro-lifers as extremists in an effort to make abortion a human right across the globe.


The European Parliamentary Forum
for Sexual and Reproductive Rights

The European Parliamentary Forum for Sexual and Reproductive Rights released this month an investigative report into pro-life funding in Europe. The forum, known as the EPF, published its report, called "Tip of the Iceberg," on June 15, less than two weeks before Thursday's parliamentary vote on sexual and reproductive rights.

The EPF's investigation discredits dozens of Christian and human rights organizations, labeling them "anti-gender funding actors active in Europe." The EPF goes on to portray a global pro-life movement as one aiming to "roll back human rights in Europe."

"The picture that emerges is of a transnational community of like-minded religious extremists and related alt- and far-right actors making strategic funding decisions across international borders," the forum's report asserts.

The forum also claims to expose a vast network of ultra-conservatives supposedly conspiring to not only oppress women but also the "LGBTI" community by promoting traditional family values and the dignity of human life

Pro-Life Hit List

President of the EPF, Hon. Petra Bayr, did not mince words in her preface to the report. Bayr, an Austrian member of Parliament, clearly laid out the forum's progressive anti-life agenda aimed at criminalizing conservatives. 

"The wealth of these traditionalists is used to denigrate and thwart their progressive opponents, finance communications and advocacy efforts as well as litigation aiming to intimidate those who have an enlightened approach to sexuality and the human body," claimed Bayr.

The report's list of these "traditionalists" — to name just a few — includes a slew of human rights groups including:

  • Tradition Family Property network
  • Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
  • ADF International
  • The Federalist Society
  • Human Life International
  • Acton Institute
  • World Youth Alliance Europe
  • Heritage Foundation
  • Transatlantic Christian Council

The report further insists "these extremists tirelessly strive to impose a worldview which has no place in this millennium."

Catholic Influence

The EPF descriptively turns its sights to the Catholic Church: "[W]e cannot count on the deep, old and covert pockets of our religious extremist opponents ... ."

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The EPF asserts there are "several Catholic religious communities which advance anti-gender objectives and equally have financial weight," among them the U.S. Knights of Columbus, the Legionaries of Christ, Opus Dei, the Italian Movimento Per la Vita, and Poland's Repemptoris priest Tadeusz Rydzyk.

The forum points the finger at Rome, claiming "several Vatican officials play direct roles in anti-gender initiatives."

The EU voted Thursday to make child murder a so-called human right.

While the EPF investigation proffers an abundance of accusations, it fails to provide evidence for the religious extremism it considers prolific.

Abp. Stanisław Gądecki

Abortion as a 'Human Right'

One prelate did speak out against the EU for its disregard of human life. Polish archbishop Stanisław Gądecki spoke out against the EU Parliament's "Matić Report," which positions abortion as a global human right.

Archbishop Gądecki exhorted Parliament to reject the report, reminding, "Abortion is always a violation of the basic human right to life, which is all the more hideous since it affects the life of the weakest and most defenseless person."

The Matić Report, which the EU passed Thursday by a vote of 378–255 with 42 abstaining, allows the EU to blacklist "extremist" organizations. The report is named after the leftist Croatian politician Predrag Matić, who created it.

With the EU adopting the Matić Report, the EPF has seemingly accomplished its goal of slandering pro-lifers and influencing the Parliament's vote by preemptively publishing its Tip of the Iceberg.

"[W]e progressives are joining forces to guarantee people their right to sexual and reproductive self-determination," wrote the EPF.

The EU voted Thursday to make child murder a so-called human right, affirming the EPF's statement that "everyone, everywhere has the human right to sexual and reproductive self-determination."

But the "religious extremists" and "enemies of free choice" — otherwise known as staunch pro-lifers — blacklisted by globalist leaders in the EPF will presumably continue to fight for the dignity of life, marriage, and family.

The EPF's quasi investigation "Tip of the Iceberg" seemingly reveals one fact; the globalists pushing anti-life policies while slandering pro-lifers are the real extremists.

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