Ex-Gays Gaining Attention

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by Alexander Slavsky  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  May 22, 2018   

Destroying the myth that homosexuals are born that way

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The ex-gay movement is gaining steam.

Around 100 former homosexuals descended onto Washington, D.C. May 5 to share their testimonies on how they got out of the gay lifestyle.

Called the Freedom March, speakers shared stories of their newfound freedom found through the grace and power of Jesus Christ. Sponsoring the event was Voice of the Voiceless, a group devoted to defending the rights of former homosexuals and those with unwanted same-sex attraction.

These groups are popping up across the nation, representing those who've left the LGBT lifestyle. There's PFOX, committed to helping ex-gays and their parents and friends who want help, hope and community.

And then there's Voices of Change, which represents thousands of those who've transformed their same-sex attraction, reclaiming a heterosexual orientation.

The late Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, a Catholic pioneer in reparative therapy, has helped thousands out of the gay lifestyle and devoted his career to studying the root causes of homosexuality.

"Homosexuality is not about sex, it's about a person's sense of himself," he said. Nicolosi debunked the myth that gays are born that way and can't change.

In addition to all these, ex-gay testimonies have exploded on social media, with testimonies on YouTube, Facebook and other online platforms from people who've left the homosexual lifestyle and have never looked back.

All these stories go to the heart of the notion that gay people are born that way, an idea that's crumbling in the face of contrary evidence.


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