Exorcist Unmasks the Santa Muerte Cult

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by Church Militant  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  January 4, 2024   

Warns faithful to stay away

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MEXICO CITY, Mexico (ChurchMilitant.com) - A prominent exorcist in Mexico is warning about the many dangers surrounding the cult of Santa Muerte.

Nuestra Señora de la Santa Muerte statue

Father Andrés Esteban López Ruiz, a member of the College of Exorcists of the Primatial Archdiocese of Mexico, recently issued a stark warning about the cult of Santa Muerte, a growing religious movement in Mexico and beyond. 

Ruiz, who has dedicated his life to spiritual warfare against demonic forces, asserts that this cult leads its followers to implicitly or explicitly worship Satan.

According to Fr. Ruiz, the Santa Muerte cult has grown alarmingly since its emergence in the 1960s, attracting millions of followers. He traces its origins to Mexico City's Tepito market, a hub for illegal activities, and attributes its spread to various regions, including Catemaco in Veracruz, known for its history of witchcraft and shamanism. 

Acts of Apostasy and Blasphemy

Ruiz warns that the Santa Muerte cult involves practices that constitute apostasy, blasphemy and sacrilege in the eyes of the Catholic Church. The cult has been denounced by the Vatican as well as bishops.

He points out that the cult is marked by serious crimes, including murder, robbery and drug trafficking — actions he explains place practitioners under Satan's control.

People are drawn to this cult seeking material wealth and other gifts.

The exorcist further raises concerns about the practice of making formal pacts with the Devil within the Santa Muerte community. People are drawn to this cult seeking material wealth and other gifts, often through rituals and offerings that defy Catholic teachings.

Church's Response

In response to the growing influence of the Santa Muerte cult, the Catholic Church, guided by its commitment to preserving the faith and protecting the flock from spiritual dangers, has intensified its pastoral efforts. 


These include the proclamation of the Gospel, catechesis and education aimed at enlightening the faithful about the perils of such deviant practices. 

Recognizing the severity of the situation, the Church has also sanctioned major exorcisms to free individuals from the grip of demonic forces associated with the cult.

Rise of Santa Muerte 

Despite these warnings, the cult of Santa Muerte has seen a meteoric rise in popularity. 

The figure of Santa Muerte, depicted as a skeletal female entity, symbolizes death and is revered for her supposed powers of protection and safe passage to the afterlife. 

This surge in devotion became particularly noticeable during the COVID-19 panic.

The image, often portrayed holding a scythe and a globe, has captivated millions, reflecting a deep-rooted cultural fascination with death and the afterlife. 

This surge in devotion became particularly noticeable during the COVID-19 panic, suggesting a search for hope and protection in tumultuous times.

A Wisconsin Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) display,
which invites neighbors to recognize their deceased loved ones
around the same time Catholics observe All Souls' Day, 
uses the skull iconography associated with Santa Muerte

Santa Muerte — officially called Nuestra Señora de la Santa Muerte (Our Lady of the Holy Death) — is a cult that reflects a complex blend of indigenous and Christian beliefs.

The exorcist describes the cult as a dangerous blend of Brazilian Quimbanda, Cuban Santeria, pre-Hispanic cultures and occult satanism, presenting a grave threat to the spiritual well-being of its practitioners.

The rise of the Santa Muerte cult, with its alluring yet misleading promises, stands as a stark reminder of the ongoing spiritual battle within society. 

Amidst the growing allure of the Santa Muerte cult, this situation serves as a crucial call to the faithful for heightened awareness and unwavering commitment to their beliefs, reinforcing the Church's enduring mission to guide and safeguard its community in the face of such challenging and deceptive ideologies.

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