Exposing the Nonexistent Climate Apocalypse

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by William Mahoney, Ph.D.  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  November 17, 2023   

A candid challenge to climate change dogma

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BALTIMORE (ChurchMilitant.com) – As the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) convened in Baltimore for its fall Plenary Assembly, a prominent climate change critic and former Republican political aide stood nearby to challenge both the climate change narrative and the hierarchy's commitment to it. 

Marc Morano

At a press conference on Tuesday, Marc Morano offered a vigorous critique of both the mainstream climate change narrative and involvement by the Church — from Pope Francis to the USCCB.

He critically assessed the approaches of the United Nations and Pope Francis toward climate change, arguing the driving force is not science but rather sociopolitical agendas such as wealth redistribution. 

The press conference was held at the Four Seasons Hotel by the Deposit of Faith Coalition, religious and political conservatives partnering with scientists and climate experts to expose the fraud and misinformation that are weakening the American economy.

Challenging Church Involvement

Morano stressed that Pope Francis' alignment with U.N. climate initiatives deviates from core scientific and religious principles and falls outside the Church's competency and mission to save souls.

Morano also portrayed the climate change movement as a secular religion.

Although Francis urges world leaders to act on climate change, warning of a "point of no return," Morano illustrated that such apocalyptic warnings are not new, using historical examples to show a tendency for hyperbole. Specifically, he cited an 1864 statement by George Perkins Marsh warning of "climatic excess" unless humanity altered its course.

Morano also portrayed the climate change movement as a secular religion. He cited the earth vigils held in Central Park during the People's Climate March in New York City, where participants engaged in what he described as a "serious, spiritual message of people communing with Mother Earth."

Challenging Climate Claims

He argued that such events demonstrate how climate change activism has taken on religious-like fervor and even includes rituals. Morano also referenced a 2023 Time magazine article advocating making Earth Day a religious holiday, further illustrating his point about the intertwining of environmental activism with religious-like reverence.

He criticized the blending of climate change activism with religious observance, especially by the Catholic hierarchy, which he explained is acting outside its competency, causing confusion and discord among the faithful. 

Impacts of Climate Policy

In his address, Morano expressed apprehension about the societal repercussions of proposed climate policies. He highlighted the risks of adopting authoritarian measures, such as climate lockdowns and lifestyle mandates, and drew parallels to the overreaches observed in recent years due to concerns about COVID-19. He emphasized that such policies could infringe upon personal freedoms and alter the fabric of daily life.

He cautioned against the centralization of food production and property ownership.

Morano further spotlighted figures like Bill Gates and the push for synthetic meat. He cautioned against the centralization of food production and property ownership, framing it as a modern form of serfdom endangering individual autonomy and traditional agricultural practices. He also pointed to the potential implications of these policies on food security and rural communities.

In his concluding remarks, Morano underscored his commitment to offering an alternative perspective on climate change and climate policy through his books and ClimateDepot.com. He emphasized the importance of engaging in informed and balanced discussions on these critical issues.

Marc Morano is a well-known figure in the climate policy debate, challenging mainstream climate narratives through his work. He advocates for a balanced approach that weighs environmental sustainability against economic viability.

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