Facebook Fact-Checkers: Mostly Anti-Trump, Leftist, Foreign

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by Paul Murano  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  June 25, 2020   

Social media giant censors beholden to globalist Soros

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DETROIT (ChurchMilitant.com) - Facebook's new fact-checker and oversight board are so overwhelmingly Democrat, progressive and anti-Trump that deep biases will continue to plague the social media giant for some time.

This is the conclusion of National Pulse, a Washington, D.C.-based news and new media publication whose editor in chief is conservative author, reporter and commentator Raheem Kassam. By fact-checking the fact-checkers, Kassam and National Pulse senior reporter Natalie Winters have uncovered the underlying bias in the people who are now fact-checking and censoring conservative Facebook posts.

Raheem Kassam and Natalie Winters

A National Pulse (NP) investigation reveals what it calls "dubious claims to neutrality" from within Lead Stories, the fact-checking and debunking organization with whom Facebook has recently partnered. It raises the question as to why a partisan outfit is allowed to police news on social media, NP writes.

Partisan Staff With Ties to CNN

National Pulse has reported that Lead Stories — which came into existence just before the 2016 U.S. presidential election — counts up to a quarter of its staff, including its chairman and co-founder, as recurring donors to Democrats such as Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. No donations were made to Republican candidates. Further, At least 50% of Lead Stories' employees have been affiliated with the leftist network CNN, with a total of over 100 years of experience at CNN among them.

What prompted the investigation was Lead Stories recently censoring an exclusive National Pulse report detailing the relationship between the two entities ActBlue and Black Lives Matter. NP claims the Black Lives Matter website — belonging to the organization that is spearheading the nationwide "defund the police" campaign — is partnered with ActBlue, a Democrat fundraising platform. ActBlue is a top donor to Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

National Pulse's article on Facebook, which they claim to be factually accurate, was slapped with an alert insisting the "information in your post is partly false."

According to National Pulse's Kassam, there was an attempt to connect with Lead Stories co-founder Alan Duke, a near 20-year CNN entertainment reporter, about the tag. Duke, however, "refused to speak about the matter."

Big Givers to Democrats

While many on the Left as well as the establishment Right insist that "big tech bias" is a non-issue, Kassam says the background of individuals involved with Lead Stories suggests otherwise. Lead Stories' chairman and founder Perry Sanders is a devout Democrat, donating over $10,000 to Democratic candidates. For example, Sanders donated $3,700 to Hilary Clinton's presidential campaign and gave $4,000 to Obama's in 2008. Known as Michael Jackson's family lawyer, Sanders also donated thousands to Democrat congressional candidates.

Additionally, writers working for Lead Stories have given profusely to Democratic candidates over the years.

The new [oversight] body that can even 'overrule Mark Zuckerberg, is drastically, disproportionately stacked with foreign, left-wing activists including individuals on the payroll of progressive, mega-donor George Soros.'

Lead Stories responded to the National Pulse accusations by stating NP made "false and misleading statements" about them and their action to label a Facebook post "partially false." Further, "The National Pulse never contacted us with a formal appeals notice, nor did they add a correction notice to the story," they claimed.

Non-U.S. Citizens on Soros' Payroll

Another National Pulse investigation revealed that the "Facebook oversight board, which is responsible for reviewing censorship, is 95% anti-Trump, and three quarters are non-U.S. citizens." The new [oversight] body that can even "overrule Mark Zuckerberg is drastically, disproportionately stacked with foreign, left-wing activists including individuals on the payroll of progressive, mega-donor George Soros," NP said.

Most recently, Kassam's Twitter account has been suspended, owing to sharing a video of a London terror attack in which three white people died. This was tweeted out by Steve Bannon's War Room Pandemic.

Facebook had no comment at the time of publication.

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