Irish Conference Throws Challenge to Bishops

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by David Nussman  •  •  March 6, 2019   

March 12 Lumen Fidei Institute conference to deliver petition to Ireland's bishops

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MAYNOOTH, Ireland ( - A group of Catholic faithful in Ireland is rallying to pray and to call on their bishops to take action.

The Lumen Fidei Institute has a daylong conference at the Glenroyal Hotel in Maynooth on Tuesday, March 12.

A leaflet for the conference found online says there will be five speakers and a Rosary procession. The speakers named on the leaflet are Anthony Murphy, John Smeaton, Dr. Eanna Johnson, José Antonio Ureta and John Lacken. The conference begins at 9:30 a.m. and ends at 6 p.m.

For the Rosary procession, attendees will pray the Rosary, carry a statue of Our Lady of Fatima and process to the Columba Centre, where the Irish bishops' conference will be meeting, to present a petition to the bishops.

The content of the petition is explained in a note on the Lumen Fidei Institute's website, which states:

This petition will respectfully ask the Irish Bishops to make our Catholic schools truly Catholic; it will ask them to ensure a proper Catholic priestly formation for Irish seminarians in Maynooth; and it will also ask them to ensure that only faithful Catholic clergy are allowed to minister to the Catholic laity of Ireland.

There will also be conferences on the three things that the petition calls for: renewing Catholic schools, renewing the seminary and correcting priests who openly reject Church teaching.

Saint Patrick's Seminary in Maynooth — in the same town where the Lumen Fidei Institute is having its conference — has been subject to a series of scandals over the years. There have been reports of rampant homosexuality and theological heterodoxy.

"Admission to the conference is free," organizers say, "and we encourage as many people as possible to come and join us, especially for the Rosary procession and presentation of the petition to the Irish Bishops."

Something published on the institute's site on March 1 states, "We want our children to grow up in the full knowledge of their Catholic faith, safe from predators, especially the clerical homosexual predators who have caused so much damage to the Catholic Church in Ireland."

We want our children to grow up in the full knowledge of their Catholic faith, safe from predators, especially the clerical homosexual predators who have caused so much damage to the Catholic Church in Ireland.

This comes after the Lumen Fidei Institute sent a letter to every Irish bishop back in September expressing concern about the LGBT agenda creeping into Catholic schools in Ireland.

The Lumen Fidei Institute's website regularly publishes articles about the crisis in the Church, LGBT activism and other issues of interest to faithful Catholics.

In August 2018, the institute had a family conference that took place alongside the 2018 World Meeting of Families (WMOF) in Dublin. The conference was a faithful alternative to WMOF, which was riddled with pro-LGBT ideology.

In an interview published in July 2018, the Lumen Fidei Institute's secretary, John Lacken, pointed out that six priests teaching at the Maynooth seminary publicly dissented against Humanae Vitae when it was published in 1968 and went unpunished.

"None of them were corrected. None of them were disciplined," he said.

Lacken said of the bishops in Ireland today, "They haven't defended the schools. They haven't defended the curriculum in the schools."

"You also have a situation in Ireland," he added, "where the bishops have gone soft on the whole 'same-sex marriage' thing."

Formerly known as a Catholic powerhouse, Ireland experienced a major decline in the Faith in the past few decades. The Church in Ireland has been experiencing a crisis of faith, as have many sectors of the Catholic Church.

He noted that American pro-gay Jesuit celebrity priest Fr. James Martin was speaking at WMOF.

The Republic of Ireland officially recognized same-sex relationships as marriages by a popular referendum in May 2015. Three years later, in a May 2018 referendum, Irish voters overwhelmingly opted to legalize abortion.

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