Fake News Labels Church Militant ‘Hate Group’

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by Christine Niles  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  February 28, 2017   

Christian Science Monitor attempts guilt by association

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In the latest exercise of fake media reporting against Church Militant, the Christian Science Monitor is characterizing this apostolate as an "extreme right" group that trades in "hate."

Some background: A young fellow had been lingering around the apostolate grounds the other week asking for Michael Voris. He said his name was Trevor Bach, and he was a writer for Christian Science Monitor. When the secretary asked for his credentials or ID, he had none to show. Naturally, she was a bit skeptical.

He later approached Michael in the parking lot and requested an interview. Michael, willing to talk to just about anyone, regardless of political affiliation, said yes.

A friend of ours known in Catholic circles was also approached via email by Bach for comment but, fearing his words would be taken out of context, declined.

After a friendly interview with Michael Voris, the result was a piece published Monday titled "Trump and the Rise of the Extreme Right," by Patrik Jonsson, with Bach as contributor.

"Church Militant's criticism of Judaism and Islam is such that it is 'on the spectrum' of hate groups, according to the Taskforce [sic] on Hate and Terrorism in Washington," the article declares.

Turns out the Task Force is a project of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, with Mark Weitzman leading the Task Force — the same Weitzman who commented to the Detroit Free Press that Church Militant is a group of "radical traditionalist Catholics."

Weitzman offers as proof of our "radicalism" our adherence to basic Catholic doctrine that Christ is the fulfillment of the Old Covenant, and that everyone — Protestants, Muslims, Jews — should be converted to the Catholic faith in order to gain Heaven. Hardly "radical," for anyone remotely acquainted with Church teaching.

We don't — nor should any Catholic — believe in conversion by force (as traditional Islam does, which has a bloody history of conversion by the sword), nor do we believe God cannot work outside the sacraments to bring in souls of good will.

Quoting Church Militant founder Michael Voris, who says the enthusiasm level for this apostolate "has really taken off in this last year," the Monitor notes, "The enthusiasm for Church Militant mirrors a shift in hate-related activity since the start of Mr. Trump’s presidential campaign. Hate-related incidents spiked after his election, though inconsistent reporting made it hard to determine the extent of the trend."

The journal goes on to list recent examples of hate crimes committed against Muslims and Jews, in the hope that the mere mention of these offenses will suffice to associate Church Militant — which has never advocated violence towards any religious or ethnic group, and never would — with their acts of genuine hate.

But facts matter little when it comes to an agenda, and the Monitor's guilt-by-association tactics (although the association is tenuous at best, non-existent and entirely fabricated at worst) are meant to discredit our work here, which is no less than the spread of Catholic truth toward the larger aim of salvation of souls — ultimately, a work of love, done for love and because of love, and imbued throughout with love.

The Monitor's guilt-by-association tactics are meant to discredit our work, which is no less than the spread of Catholic truth toward the larger aim of salvation of souls — ultimately, a work of love, done for love and because of love, and imbued throughout with love.

Ever since The New York Times, HuffPo, the Detroit Free Press, USA Today and Americans United for Separation of Church and State have turned their sights onto Church Militant, we've seen a surge in viewers and an increase in Premium subscriptions, along with laudatory letters from Catholics (practicing and lapsed) delighted to have discovered us through these news organs.

The Monitor would have you believe the surge is owing to an increase in hate enthusiasts, when the truth is the opposite: After wandering in the desert of a modern Church largely devoid of authentic love or knowledge of the Faith, these pilgrims are grateful to have stumbled across our little apostolate and hear the truths of the Faith proclaimed in all its glory and riches and majesty — something rarely seen or heard from today's pulpits.

Once again, we thank big media for the publicity.


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