‘Fake News’ Media Smear Lockdown Protests

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by Jules Gomes  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  August 31, 2020   

COVID protestors dismissed as 'conspiracy theorists'

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LONDON (ChurchMilitant.com) - British mainstream media are orchestrating a smear campaign to discredit the world's largest lockdown protest to date by labeling the protestors "conspiracy theorists."

The leftwing Guardian joined Britain's Daily Mail and Evening Standard tabloids accusing over 40,000 protestors at London's Trafalgar Square on Saturday of promoting "coronavirus conspiracy theories."

Britain's taxpayer-funded BBC and other mainstream media blanked out the protests, choosing instead to focus on similar, but smaller, protests in Berlin.

While The Telegraph dismissed the diverse mass of protestors as "what might politely be described as an eclectic bunch," the BBC slandered the German protests as comprised of "far-right" elements sporting Nazi symbols.

"If COVID-19 can indeed be cured by tonic water as claimed, let's hope there's also a cure for stupid," The London Economic editorialized, mocking participants as "conspiracy theory believers, anti-vaxxers, Q-anon believers and mask-skeptics."

Voices for Freedom

But independent journalist and filmmaker Sonia Poulton announced that "people are coming today to make their voices heard against mandatory vaccinations, mandatory masks, mandatory anything really."

"Not fascist or conspiracy theorist, I went to Trafalgar Square to listen to doctors and because the government and mass media cannot be trusted on #COVID19," she tweeted.

Simon Dolan, a successful businessman and entrepreneur who has been leading the movement against the draconian lockdowns, explained to Church Militant how "the media are mainly bought and paid for by the government."

Individual liberties have been trampled over by an overreaching government intent on creeping totalitarianism.

"They spend tens of millions with the newspapers in terms of advertising, and so, of course, the media will run stories which perpetuate the government line," said Dolan, a participant in the London protest.

"Also, the term 'conspiracy theorist' carries with it certain connotations and no doubt is a good term to use in a headline for 'clicks.' Far easier to write a lazy sensationalist article than explore the truth. 'Friendly people march peacefully for their basic freedoms,' isn't a good clickbait headline!" he remarked.

The founder of the Jota Aviation company, which has been delivering personal protective equipment (PPE) to the National Health Service and other businesses, said that "the protests, in essence, were for freedom."

"Individual liberties have been trampled over by an overreaching government intent on creeping totalitarianism," he emphasized.

"I think one of the most important points that was raised was 'We are here to fight a disease. Not the disease of COVID, but the disease of fascism.' I truly believe that every totalitarian government in history, be they communist or fascist, has used the same techniques as are being used today," Dolan observed.

Church Militant asked Dolan how he justified the presence of former soccer star and sports broadcaster David Icke, a speaker especially singled out for media opprobrium as a "conspiracy theorist."

"David spoke for about 15 minutes, eloquently and passionately about freedoms, liberty, love and responsibility for oneself. The fact that some people find some of his other ideas 'crazy,' is fine — that's the beauty of freedom of speech, and that really was the point of the whole day — freedom," Dolan responded.

Clergy Torn by 'Altruistic Lie'

Dolan, the founder of the Keep Britain Free movement who has also fought in court against the Wuhan virus ban on Holy Communion administered to Catholics and for churches to remain open, told Church Militant that "many church people" participated in the protest.

We are here to fight a disease. Not the disease of COVID, but the disease of fascism.

He described them as "quiet, polite, unassuming vicars and priests, all of whom cannot understand just why churches had been closed."

"I feel they are torn between the altruistic lie that the government has put forward (protect others, it's for the greater good, etc.) which of course is a Christian basic, and yet they are confused that by doing what they are being told is for the greater good, it seems to be doing more damage to people," he pointed out.

Police fined celebrity speaker Piers Corbyn £10,000 under new coronavirus laws restricting public gatherings of more than 30 people.

Protestors with signs at the anti-mask rally

However, police allowed the anti-racism Million People March in west London on Sunday to go ahead without penalizing the organizers.

'Devastating Effect'

David Kurten, member of the London Assembly, told Church Militant that the Unite For Freedom event in Trafalgar Square "was a legitimate protest of ordinary people who do not agree with the lockdown and the devastating effect it has had on society, general health and well-being and businesses."

"Many medical doctors spoke at the event and made the point that Britain's National Health Service has never been less busy and thousands of people with other serious conditions such as cancer are not getting treatment and dying because of the COVID restrictions and mismanagement," Kurten, mayoral candidate for London, said.

"The Johnson government has been sowing fear and mistruths about the Wuhan virus, which is no more severe than a bad flu season. 99.99% of people have not died from it," he added, revealing that "the organizers are planning another event for September."

"The Keep Britain Free movement has grown so quickly, it proves that there is a real passion for it in the U.K. My intent is to run this for as long as it takes to restore our freedoms and to ensure that this can ever happen again," Dolan confirmed.

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