Fake Pro-Life Texas Republican Lawmakers Put on Notice

by Rodney Pelletier  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  May 9, 2017   

Jim Graham: "The GOP has become the Democrat Party-lite"

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FORT WORTH, Texas (ChurchMilitant.com) - Jim Graham, president of Texas Right to Life (TRL), is speaking to conservatives in an effort to expose Republicans who ran for election on pro-life platforms but have not done what they promised.

In a talk to the N.E. Tarrant Tea Party in Austin on May 8, Graham called out Texas Republican lawmakers, saying, "The GOP has become the Democrat Party-lite," adding that "the few differences between the ruling class, an unholy alliance of elitist Republicans and Democrats, are measured in degrees and are accidental, not substantial."

The Texas legislature opened on January 10 and will commence on May 29, allowing five months for legislators to enact laws that will affect the state until the next session in 2019.

Both Graham and TRL have been working hard in the last weeks of the 85th Legislature to push through pro-life legislation they allege is being impeded, blocked or diluted by self-proclaimed pro-life Republicans.

Graham railed against Texas GOP members, calling them a "cartel of liberal Republicans in name only," adding, "this group only cares about maintaining power for the most venal reasons, and they do so by begrudgingly doling out the minimum acceptable to watchful voters but careful enough to keep the Democrats on their plantation."

He continued, "The truly conservative measures that reach the floor of the Texas House must be limited to a few token bills that can be waved before the Republican primary voters to secure re-election of the Establishment House Republicans."

The Texas GOP is a 'cartel of liberal Republicans in name only.'

He castigated them for the lack of urgency by which they are, if at all, fulfilling their campaign promises to voters who put them in office for that very reason. "At most, we are 'blessed' to pass one substantial pro-life bill every two years," he said, asking, "Do the liberal legislatures in California and New York only pass one abortion bill during every cycle?"

"You and I both know that those legislatures pass every progressive measure possible without regard to the Constitution, the Bill of Rights or common sense," he noted.

Graham commented that his trust in the current legislature "is exhausted, completely dissolved," saying that "all political efforts must now focus on the State House, which is now an outhouse and must be cleaned out."

He then asked his enthusiastic audience, "How could I yield one millimeter when defenseless children are being slaughtered for profit? More importantly, how could you or I possibly let our elected officials off the hook for not protecting these children?"

He noted that 150 unborn babies die daily in Texas, with more that 55,000 every year, and that if abortion laws are left by Republican lawmakers to stand as they are, at least 110,000 unborn Texans will be murdered under their watch.

Graham is calling on Texans to elect "principled, godly, pro-life warrior Republicans" in the 2018 primaries, adding, "The Establishment must first be defeated in Texas. Then we can export the revolution to the rest of our nation."


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