Stephen Brady: Fathers Must Fight Bad Bishops

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by Bradley Eli, M.Div., Ma.Th.  •  •  August 2, 2019   

'The Catholic hierarchy has destroyed the culture today'

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DETROIT ( - With the Strength and Honor men's conference beginning Friday in Detroit, Roman Catholic Faithful founder Stephen Brady is saying fathers must face heretical and scandalous bishops if they want to protect the faith of their children.

The theme of this year's conference is "Take Back Your Home." Brady talked about how the Faith in families is being attacked.

"Actually, right now, the biggest danger to your child's faith is the Catholic hierarchy," Brady told Church Militant.

He explained that a father has a big fight on his hands in trying to defend his family's faith against the bad teaching and bad example of wayward bishops and priests:

The one thing that damages a child the most is when so-called men of God, Catholic leaders like Cdl. Blase Cupich, say things that will give a teenage child a loophole to do anything they would like. For example, when Cupich can give Holy Communion to homosexual couples and divorced and remarried couples and the Pope says, "Who am I to judge?" Using those words, what can't a teenage child justify in their own mind. And that's where the problem comes in.

Brady said the Catholic hierarchy had the ability to turn society around if they stood up for the Faith.

"If they stood strong and still spoke about Hell, mortal sin and the sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance," said Brady, "if they really discussed that and talked about it and promoted it, then this whole society would be much better."

It's not just the bishops' bad teaching or lack of clear teaching on the Faith, said Brady, but also the scandalous behavior of many which is harming the faith of children today.

When you have some bishop or priest having sex with each other, raping children and politicians promoting the murder of unborn children and they're still rubbing elbows and being wined and dined by the bishops, you have no chance. And that's where the good Lord — we hope and pray the good Lord will take that into consideration when He judges individuals, especially all these generations today.

Brady believes that as the Church leadership goes, so goes the world.

"The Catholic hierarchy has destroyed the culture today," said Brady. "It's not the other way around, as Michael [Voris] pointed out in one of his Vortexes."

Brady was referring to Voris' Vortex from Wednesday titled "As the Church Goes..." in which he said, "The world is rotten because a large portion of the hierarchy turned rotten decades ago, not the other way around."

One thing a father must do to help his children keep their faith, said Brady, is to let them see him fighting corrupt members of the hierarchy.

You have to let them see you fight for something. Let them see you stand up for the Catholic faith, especially, and fight the corruption. You have to teach them the Faith but they have to see Dad fight for the Faith. They have to see him get out there and take on the hierarchy, take on the bishops.


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