Fatima’s Third Secret

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by Fr. P.J. Kalchik  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  August 12, 2021   

A secret no more!

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Recently, I ran across an article discussing ad nauseam the Third Secret of Fatima, which, in year 2021, blows my mind! This autumn, on Oct. 13, it will be 104 years since the great Miracle of the Sun occurred at Fatima in Portugal. And the passage of 104 years has allowed humanity to take heed of Our Blessed Mother's various messages.


People looking at the sun during the “Miracle of the Sun”
 Oct. 13, 1917

I, for one, am just a little tired at this point in time of various commentators speculating one way or another about the "what ifs" pertaining to the Fatima apparitions. We've heard this sort of thing a lot in recent years. "If only the bishops would have consecrated Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary," "If only the Third Secret was divulged by Rome for the world to hear," "If only — yada, yada, yada." 

Most of these comments are pretty harmless, yet there are some that cater to fallen humanity's penchant for Gnosticism. Modern Gnostics are those individuals who relish having secret information about this and that. In the case of Fatima, some claim to have secret knowledge about Our Blessed Mother and the Fatima apparitions, usually related to some present-day visionary (of which there are many). Unfortunately, they don't consult real Fatima experts who have studied the firsthand testimony of the visionaries and the Church's own archives on the matter! For myself — a priest for 22 years now — I run the other way when one of these sages starts prognosticating. One common pronouncement that these individuals like to harp on these days runs along these lines: "If only the bishops of the Roman Catholic Church will now consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Russia will not spread her errors and Christendom will be restored!"

It's a great thought, but that boat left the dock over a century ago. Our Blessed Mother encouraged the men, women and Church leaders who lived in 1918 to take immediate action, and all save a few who were babes in arms in 1918 are now dead! There have been two great world wars; communist countries have covered the face of the earth; and the Church is in the throes of an unprecedented persecution. Russia's errors are now here, there and everywhere! The errors of Russia can even be found at home in most of our families. 

At this moment in time, we have only one option left: We need to fight communism, which is posed to destroy the world and our Church.

But, back to one of the prognosticators' favorite topics, the Third Secret. Time has revealed it all. There are no longer any secrets left to talk about from Fatima! Moreover, in the last 60 years in the Church, the commies have infiltrated, the homos have taken over all levels of the priesthood and the traditional practice of the Faith has been squashed. We are now way beyond the point of stopping Russia's spread of her errors. China is now the world's communist superpower threat, and the evil of communism has now taken hold in many sectors of our own country.

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At this moment in time, we have only one option left: We need to fight communism, which is posed to destroy the world and our Church. And this fight, 104 years after Fatima, needs to be taken up head-on by the faithful remnant offering up a plethora of fervent prayers, devout Communions, good confessions, and by their perseverance in the practice of the Faith!

Our Lady's Immaculate Heart

Tragically, the world did not heed the message of Fatima when it could. People did not "repent, and make atonement for the conversion of sinners!" But now is not the time to ponder what our grandparents did or did not do with respect to Fatima and Our Blessed Mother's messages. Nor is it time to argue over what now-dead prelates did or did not do in the aftermath of Fatima. Now it is our curse — and our golden opportunity — to fight this evil of communism with our regular reception of the Church's sacraments and Rosaries said devoutly (offered for the conversion of sinners).

We can easily look back over our shoulders and blame prior generations for their fault in this, that or the next thing. Even if all that is true to some extent, we should concentrate our efforts to fight this evil that has taken over our world with all the fight we have within us.

No more time and effort should be wasted on speculations of former generations' suppressed secrets.

Playing the game of "what if" is no longer an option! The one option we have is to fight the enemy now poised to destroy billions of souls: the son who thinks he is gay and that it is all right to act so; the brother who thinks the Church and her sacraments are nonsense; the president who advocates for abortion and everything LGBTQ.

The apparitions at Fatima happened a century ago. Sadly, we are losing the fight! No more time and effort should be wasted on speculations of former generations' suppressed secrets. If we don't begin fighting back now, everything will be lost.

In the end, Our Lady's Immaculate Heart will triumph! It's guaranteed! But, what is not guaranteed is how many souls will be saved from Satan in these skirmishes. It could be many, or it could be few. Let us pray that more people will wake up to Our Lady's message of Fatima: Repent from all sin and pray and offer atonement for the conversion of all sinners! Every soul is made in the image and likeness of God. Let us pray for the conversion of all sinners and that all souls will be saved! And this is no secret. 

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