FBI Raid on Innocent Couple Bears a Warning

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by Bob Bird  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  May 3, 2021   

Know your rights: Tyranny is here

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Wednesday's rogue FBI raid on an innocent couple in Homer, Alaska is an example of what happens when a lawless and completely illegitimate political party and administration come to power.

Paul and Marilyn Hueper

The Democrats are utilizing the proven techniques of communism and fascism and weaponizing federal law enforcement for political purposes. They are now reaping the fruits of November's fake election. Its aftermath spells the end of freedom in America. It is no longer a threat. It is here, and none of us are safe.

Paul and Marilyn Hueper went to D.C. Jan. 6 to listen to Donald Trump's speech. Like other Alaskans, they were at the very foot of the stage and in front of a million people in the National Mall, but when they were dismissed by Trump to "peacefully and patriotically protest," they suddenly found themselves at the back of a very long line. They got lost, they bought a hot dog, they started up the steps — but they never got within a hundred yards of entering the Capitol building.

Nevertheless, the FBI had security footage of a woman that they suspect stole Nancy Pelosi's laptop. Because even minimal social media postings are not private, the FBI got ahold of a photo of Marilyn Hueper's face and clothing that day. Her hairstyle, neck warmer and coat colors somewhat matched the suspect's.

Because the FBI knew the Huepers were in D.C., they bashed in the door of their living quarters at their posh Homer Inn and Spa boutique hotel with guns drawn. They placed them and two other hotel guests in handcuffs, separated them and began questioning, all without showing their badges or any search warrant.

When the couple asked the authorities to do this, they were told, "In due time." They were never even read their Miranda rights. And when authorities finally showed the couple the warrant fully two and a half hours later, the Huepers did not even have sufficient time to completely read it or their briefly flashed badges.

The Democrats are utilizing the proven techniques of communism and fascism and weaponizing federal law enforcement for political purposes.

Based on simple front-facial and profile images that the FBI unquestionably possessed — and which Marilyn helpfully pointed out to them — any grade-schooler would be able to see the woman in the security image was not Marilyn Hueper. Nevertheless, their home was literally ransacked, the gun safe was opened and their cell phones and personal laptops were seized. They have not been returned.

Thoughtfully, the FBI promised the Huepers a new door.

Troubling Lessons

What conclusions can be drawn by all this?

For starters, our cell phones and computers have become tools by which the government spies on us. Most of us already knew that, but they are not necessarily any longer our helpful friends.

Next, as Marilyn Hueper said, "We never thought we needed to know our rights. That was for other people to know."

In a case where the U.S. Constitution is actually the operative document to consult, the Fourth Amendment, already egregiously abused by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), states: "And no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, or the persons or things to be seized."

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All the agents needed to do was allow the Huepers to study the warrant. Whether or not it fulfilled all the requirements would be something for lawyers to parse through later. This sort of amateurish and fresh-from-the-academy behavior will someday lead to bloodshed.

Lastly, perhaps the real purpose of the raid was to intimidate citizens to not even protest. Going to the wrong rally in the wrong place at the wrong time might get you an FBI courtesy call.

Barrier to Tyranny?

Alaska's lawmakers ought to consider discarding the mysteriously concocted system of boroughs and do what 48 other states have done: create counties.

In the Anglo-Saxon common law heritage, a county's top authority is the sheriff, elected by the people and responsible to them alone. No renegade and politically motivated federal agents can operate without a sheriff's permission. In many examples, federal agents from the IRS, FBI, ATF and other agencies have been ordered out by local sheriffs.

There is never any argument. They quickly pack up and go back to their D.C. swamp.

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