FEC Chair: Evidence of Voter Fraud

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by Bradley Eli, M.Div., Ma.Th.  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  November 16, 2020   

Trey Trainor hammers lack of transparency

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WASHINGTON (ChurchMilitant.com) - The chairman of the Federal Election Commission believes voter fraud is taking place, and says the lack of transparency when counting votes is a key indicator of it.

A Democrat in Pennsylvania called election night in PA a "coup"

Trey Trainor told Newsmax Nov. 6 that Democrats barring GOP observers from overseeing balloting counting makes the election results illegitimate.

"I do believe there is voter fraud taking place in these places," remarked Trainor. "Otherwise they would allow the observers to go in."

One place where GOP observers were kept at a distance was in the all-important swing state of Pennsylvania. Counting of ballots there abruptly stopped on election night when President Trump was leading Joe Biden by nearly 700,000 votes with 64% of the precincts reporting. Then an occult counting resumed where Trump's lead was dissolved three days later.

Despite a Pennsylvania court ruling Nov. 5 that GOP observers must be allowed to view the counting process, nonetheless, they were kept at a six-foot distance.

Trainor noted that ballot-watchers were not being "allowed into the polling locations in a meaningful way." The fact that they "have not been allowed that meaningful access, he emphasized, undermines the transparency necessary to accept the results.

State law allows those observers to be in there, and if they're not, then the law is not being followed, making this an illegitimate election.

"Our whole political system is based upon transparency to avoid the appearance of corruption," he said. "Now we're seeing this play out in Pennsylvania and other states where there's not transparency in this election."

He said the law provides that observers are to be present, and when they are shut out, the election is not legitimate.

"State law allows those observers to be in there," said Trainor, "and if they're not, then the law is not being followed, making this an illegitimate election."

I don't care who votes as long as I get to be the one who counts the votes.

On Nov. 11, Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani stated that 650,000 ballots were counted in Pennsylvania without GOP observers having a meaningful role. He said this evident lack of transparency negates these votes.

Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani

"We now are up to a count of about 650,000 ballots that are unlawful ballots that were cast in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh," noted Giuliani. "What's being said in the mass media, that we have no evidence, is a complete, absolute lie, just like they've been lying for years."

Responding to the question of vote dumps that "notably happen at 4 a.m.," and which typically fall for Biden, Trainor brought up a familiar phrase that's often attributed to communist dictator, Joseph Stalin.

"You look back at 1871, it was Boss Tweed who said, 'I don't care who votes as long as I get to be the one who counts the votes. And sometimes that's attributed to Joseph Stalin. But I think he was probably quoting Boss Tweed at the time."

He then drove home his point.

"In every instance, we have here where the states are too close to call they're controlled by the Democrat party, particularly in the urban areas where they're being counted," Trainor observed.

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