Federal Trifecta Spells Doom

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by Paul Murano  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  March 19, 2021   

Legislating moral evil

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Sen. Chuck Schumer: "We Democrats, all of us, believe we need big, bold change."

Ending the Senate filibuster could ramp up the passage of immoral laws. The filibuster gives the minority party in the Senate the ability to block bills from coming to a vote. With the filibuster rule in place, the majority party needs 60 votes to override it.

Sen. Rand Paul: "I rise today to begin to filibuster John Brennan's nomination for the CIA."

In what's now an evenly divided Senate, eliminating this rule would empower Democrats to quickly pass immoral legislation. This would result in what's called a trifecta — with the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives all in the hands of the Party of Death.

Sen. Ted Cruz: "You can expect Republicans doing everything humanly possible to fight; but if they can hold their 50 votes, that would be a very dangerous time for our nation."

And the Democrats have a fivefold agenda: First, the Equality Act would become law, allowing biological men to compete in women's sports, gender-confused men to invade women's public bathrooms and locker rooms, and it would force Catholic adoption agencies to place children with sodomite couples.

Second, abortion would become federal law, bypassing the courts and rendering states helpless to defend the innocent unborn. Third, there will be virtually open borders, swelling the Democrats' voting base with millions of illegal immigrants. Fourth, Democrats would pack the Supreme Court, ensuring a perpetual leftist misinterpretation of the Constitution.

Sen. Cruz: "If they pack the Supreme Court, those leftists will take away our religious liberty, our free speech, our second amendment, our fundamental rights."

And rounding out their leftist agenda, freedom of religion and conscience rights would become meaningless for all those who resist their anti-human progressive narrative. Several Democrats in the Senate have expressed concerns about blowing up the filibuster,

Sen. Mitch McConnell: "If they keep their word, we have a bipartisan majority that could put principle first and keep the Senate safe."

It would remove all debate and compromise in the Senate. Yet they're being pressured to get in line.

Sen. Cruz: "Right now the whole weight of the world — Chuck Schumer, I'm pretty sure he's got like thumbscrews and the rack in his office."

Currently, the filibuster is the political dam that keeps the secular progressive floodgates in check. If eliminated, an immoral tsunami of legislation would make America unrecognizable.

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