Feminism Exposes Itself

by Ryan Fitzgerald  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  October 15, 2015   

Yet another wave of feminism is attacking the Church

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MAR DEL PLATA, Argentina, October 15, 2015 (ChurchMilitant.com) - Feminists attacked a cathedral in Argentina Monday as a line of men defending it were being grossly assaulted.

The disturbing scene is part of Argentina's National Women's Encounter, a festival of shameless feminism sponsored every year by the state's Department of Culture as a "social interest" event.

The following video captures this year's obscene antics. (It has been censored by LifeSiteNews, but it is still graphic.)

Men stood in prayer in front of the Cathedral of Mar del Plata while unruly feminists possessed with rage cursed and assaulted them, throwing bottles and feces and even starting a small fire.

That's when the police finally intervened and made an effort to tame the rioting crowd of hysterical women. The attempt to restore order was met with petty acts of defiance. Many of the girls, several of whom were topless, threw anything they could find at the police, who didn't use much force to gain control of the situation.

Some left-wing media outlets are nevertheless reporting the story as an example of police brutality. Argentinos Alerta, the organizers of the peaceful resistance, thanked the police for stepping in to help — something they hadn't seen in any of the past years while facing the same violent behavior.

This year's scene appears to be no less appalling than Argentina's 2013 March for Women, in which unruly "demonstrators" burned an effigy of Pope Francis to protest the Church's resilience against feminist ideals.


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