50,000 March for Life in Buenos Aires

by Alexander Slavsky  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  March 26, 2018   

Under the banner "save them both," protecting mother and child

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BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (ChurchMilitant.com) - Tens of thousands protested the potential legalization of abortion in Argentina's capital city.

On Sunday, pro-lifers gathered along Libertador Avenue in Buenos Aires to "March for Life" against the National Campaign for the Right to Legal, Safe and Free Abortion in Argentina's bill to decriminalize abortion. The march included clergy, families, students and elderly. The theme for this year's march was "save them both" in reference to protecting the lives of both the mother and child.

"This is the beginning of a path that must unite Argentines around saving women and unborn children's lives," Ana Belen Marmona of the Unidad Provida movement told Noticias Argentinas. "We're uniting to tell our representatives, who will debate this issue in Congress, that abortions do not solve anything, that they are a failure of society and a step backward in terms of rights."

The bill is the seventh proposed measure in 12 years, which has the support of 71 deputies from varying political backgrounds. The conservative president Mauricio Macri opposes the bill while pushing freedom of conscience, allowing legislators to debate the measure in Congress, which would allow women to abort their unborn children for any reason in the first 14 weeks.

It would also permit women to abort up until the ninth month when the life of the mother is endangered physically and psychologically, the pregnancy resulted from a rape or the unborn child has a serious deformity.

Pro-Life crowd in Buenos Aires

Pro-lifers are opposed to the bill, especially the murder of unborn babies diagnosed with a genetic malformation, including Down syndrome.

The measure has majority support in the Chamber of Deputies. However, the Senate remains largely opposed to the legalization of abortion in Argentina. Currently, abortion is outlawed in Argentina's constitution except in the case of rape or when the life of the mother is endangered.

Alejandro Geyer, the national coordinator of the country's national March for Life, explained the legislative push for decriminalization of abortion: "When electors have been called, they have said they were in favor of life, for the family, and no deputy or senator said that he was in favor of abortion, and now the surprise is that many are in favor of abortion and for us [it has] been a fraud."
We want a country where there is no law of abortion, which is a homicide, to kill a helpless child who has the right to live.
"We want a country where there is no law of abortion, which is a homicide, to kill a helpless child who has the right to live," insisted Geyer.
The Argentine bishops' conference spearheaded a campaign ahead of the national rally to persuade the laity to stand up for human life. More than 70 bishops posted pictures on social media, holding a sign in Spanish with the hashtag "every life counts" (#ValeTodaVida).

The national march took place on March 25, the National Day of the Unborn Child, which is also the Feast of the Annunciation — nine months before Christmas — when Catholics believe the Virgin Mary conceived the Christ Child who clothed Himself with humanity, Body and Soul, in His mother's womb.

The Buenos Aires rally was the largest march, but other rallies took place in 250 cities across Argentina, protesting the bill to legalize abortion.


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