Building a Culture of Life in the Medical Community

by Church Militant  •  •  June 16, 2017   

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By Arthur Goldberg

Two major pro-life medical organizations, the American College of Pediatricians (ACPeds) and the American Association of Pro-life Obstetricians and Gynecologists (AAPLOG), recently posted an appeal on to raise scholarship funds that will enable medical students and other young health professionals to attend the country's only annual medical education conference dedicated to the moral and legal issues surrounding the practice of pro-life medicine.

Dr. Michelle Cretella, President of ACPeds, and Dr. Donna Harrison, Executive Director of AAPLOG, coordinate this meeting to deepen the knowledge of future doctors and sensitize them to the innumerable medical, moral and legal concerns regarding abortion, assisted suicide and euthanasia, as well as to arm seasoned pro-life doctors with cutting-edge updates. They created the scholarship program to increase the number of medical students who otherwise could not afford to attend this conference.

The conference empowers attendees to fight for and establish a culture of life within medical education and practice.

The ACPeds/AAPLOG annual conference brings together pro-life researchers, policy makers, legal consultants, physicians, medical students and doctors in training to cover the most important current developments related to life and the dignity of the human person. Not only is the conference designed as an educational tool, it also empowers attendees to fight for and establish a culture of life within medical education and practice.

The problem addressed by the annual conference is clearly set forth in their Funding Morality appeal: "Pro-life medical students, nurses and healthcare professionals are marginalized, discriminated against and are increasingly pressured to violate their moral conscience."

Dr. Bogdan Chazan, a Polish physician persecuted for his pro-life stance, served as plenary speaker at the 2015 AAPLOG/ACPeds conference. According to Dr. Harrison, he is a wonderfully articulate physician who received a standing ovation at the conference after his talk, and serves as an example of the quality of speakers as well as the educational content found at the conference. Church Militant sat down with Dr. Chazan in 2016 to detail his struggles at the hands of the medical community.

According to Dr. Cretella and Dr. Harrison, the so-called "mainstream" guilds have become nothing less than propagandists for the sexual revolution and the primacy of individual autonomy thereby spawned. Dr. Cretella stated that since the Supreme Court cases of 1973 (Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton),

A culture of death has grown increasingly throughout most "mainstream" medical guilds. These professional guilds include, but are not limited to, the American Medical Association, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the American Academy of Family Practitioners. Because these organizations are considered by society at large as the official voices of American physicians, for better or worse, they establish the standards followed for medical ethics and healthcare around the country.

Dr. Harrison added:

Because these guilds have embraced moral relativism and political correctness, they refuse to acknowledge that life begins at conception, promote abortion as healthcare, receive funding from pro-abortion corporations, and promote research backed by Planned Parenthood all the while ignoring Planned Parenthood's racist past and present. Increasingly, they are also advocating premature termination of life for those who face an incurable illness or are near death.

According to Drs. Cretella and Harrison, most physician professors at the majority of America's medical schools and affiliated residency programs present a pro-abortion, pro-assisted suicide and pro-euthanasia worldview that is critical of a physician's right to moral conscience protection. These professors frequently withhold scientific facts that support a pro-life ethic and misrepresent science in order to support termination of life — whether in euthanasia, assisted suicide or abortion on demand. Drs. Cretella and Harrison cite as examples the mythology that abortion plays no causative role in either breast cancer or mental illness. They also contend that most medical schools are avid collaborators with, and proponents of, Planned Parenthood, an organization responsible for the deaths of millions of unborn children since 1973.

The medical student scholarship program is not the first pro-life appeal profiled on Funding Morality. Elaine Berk, co-director of Funding Morality, points out that Funding Morality's kickoff project involved a pro-life appeal for Stephanie Packer, a Catholic mother of four diagnosed with a terminal illness and who requested her insurance company to approve a treatment at UCLA that may extend or save her life. Instead of approving the payment for such treatment, the insurer suggested a medication for a $1.20 co-pay that that would end her life. Because such a suggestion was legal in her home state of California, which had passed a physician-assisted suicide bill, Packer became a public advocate to prevent such laws from being passed in the future. Church Militant wrote a story about her appeal on Funding Morality.

The American Association of Pro-life Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the American College of Pediatricians are two stalwart, national, nonsectarian, pro-life medical organizations that work to return medicine to its pro-life, Hippocratic origins. Together they produce the only national medical education conference for students, doctors in training and practicing physicians dedicated to re-establishing pro-life philosophies and practices within medicine. These conferences not only present cutting edge pro-life medicine and inform attendees of their legal rights but also empower attendees to defend traditional worldviews rooted in moral absolutes discernable through reason alone. These universal moral ethics, sometimes referred to as the Judeo-Christian worldview or natural law, are truths found in the Noahide Law.

An authentic culture of life, a culture in which human beings are respected as legal persons with inherent dignity and an inalienable right to life from conception to natural death, is part of a cultural revolution sought by these organizations. Dr. Cretella forcefully argues that "a doctor's action or inaction concerning life and death decisions inevitably involves a moral choice — one premised upon the physician's philosophical worldview."

Dr. Harrison concurred, saying, "Therefore, we and our speakers recognize the necessity of incorporating philosophical discussion into the medical topics presented."

A doctor's action or inaction concerning life and death decisions inevitably involves a moral choice — one premised upon the physician's philosophical worldview.

It costs $650 to sponsor one student or young professional to attend the conference. ACPeds and AAPLOG aim to raise a total of $6,500 in order to sponsor 10 students who would otherwise not be able to attend. Many of these students have taken on large burdens of student debt to work in their chosen field of providing life-saving medical care for all. Contributing to this scholarship appeal on Funding Morality will allow these students to gain knowledge and insight otherwise denied them by mainstream, politically correct medical education.

Please visit this page to make a donation to this impactful appeal. Every gift will go toward ensuring a strong future for pro-life medicine. No gift is too small.

Funding Morality is a project of the Jewish Institute for Global Awareness, a not-for-profit 501(c) 3 organization. It began as a result of the denial by other crowd-funding platforms to profile persons of faith who would not compromise their moral and biblical convictions and in turn have been persecuted by those who are intolerant of a Judeo-Christian worldview. These crowd-funding platforms (which are mostly for-profit businesses) have often denied services to individuals who have lost their jobs, been harassed or persecuted for their politically incorrect views. Subsequently, funding morality expanded its focus to also permit projects consistent with the Noahide Laws (Judeo-Christian worldview) that wish to appeal for funding.

As a relatively new platform, Funding Morality eagerly solicits new situations and projects that may be appropriate for promoting on its website. To contact Funding Morality or to suggest new situations that are appropriate for appeals, please contact


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