First, Learn Your Freakin’ Faith

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by Church Militant  •  •  May 13, 2017   

Church Militant's Strength & Honor Conference promotes authentic masculinity

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Jerry Jacobs Jr. is from Indianapolis. Recently, REGINA Magazine caught up with Jerry to ask him about his thoughts after a Catholic men's conference he attended with his young sons last summer in Michigan, STRENGTH & HONOR, sponsored by Church Militant.

For those easily offended, fair warning: Jerry doesn't pull any punches.

REGINA: Now that you have had some time to digest what you heard, do you agree that the current crisis in the Church and in government in the West has come about because bad, weak people have grabbed power for the sake of power?

JERRY: Yes, the Catholic Church is charged with the moral compass of the world. Ever since the men in the Church (laity, priests, bishops) have become emasculated and effeminate, evil has stepped in to fill the void.

REGINA: The Strength & Honor Conference asked men about the "three major areas of temptation for men": flesh, possessions and pride, often demonstrated in lack of commitment, objectification, laziness and anger.

JERRY: We men are aloof. And if we aren't challenged (especially spiritually), we will sit back and allow women to do it all. And knowing women as I do, this is exactly what they will do, even though they aren't called to these tasks. But they are nurturers and have and will always step up to the plate.

I fight this in my life through sacrifice and mortification for my beloved wife and for Christ. This is the only way to go. Men don't understand that prayer is sacrifice. And religion, especially the Catholic Faith, is hard.

We must remove the focus from our own ego and selfishness and give our lives away for our beloved and Christ. I do this mostly by prayer, daily Mass, adoration, fasting, Rosary, frequent confession, and my apostolate, to name only a few!

Read the rest at Regina Magazine.


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