Second Red Rose Rescue in Detroit

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by Anita Carey  •  •  December 4, 2017   

Witness: "This is the last chance for the babies"

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Bloomfield Township, Mich. ( - Five pro-lifers were arrested for a controversial tactic used as a last-ditch effort to save the lives of unborn babies.

In the latest Red Rose Rescue, Dr. Monica Miller, director of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society, and approximately six other pro-lifers entered Women's Center of Michigan in Bloomfield Township on Saturday to try to convince the women there not to abort their babies.

During these rescues, pro-lifers enter the abortion mills and talk to women waiting to see the abortionist. They attempt to hand out roses with the information of local pro-life crisis pregnancy centers and encourage the women to choose life for their baby.

Church Militant was there for the arrests of Dr. Miller and her colleagues. While she was being escorted into the police car, she urged those present to pray for the women and their families in the clinic, saying, "Pray for them, there's a whole clinic full of ... women getting abortions."

Church Militant also spoke with two young pro-life advocates who entered the abortion mill to record the proceedings. Emily and Natalia (last names withheld) explained that Dr. Miller was met with open hostility by some waiting in the abortuary. Emily recalled one woman who "was very angry to see Dr. Miller" and added that "she didn't want to talk to her; she said she'd call the police."

Emily said Dr. Miller did "most of the talking" and abortion mill workers quickly escorted anyone who wanted to leave to another area. Doctor Miller announced to the people leaving that "Abortion is the killing of innocent life," adding, "There's hope, there's help, there's life there's peace, there's truth and there's love."

Abortion is the killing of innocent life.

The pro-lifers stayed in the clinic and began singing hymns while Dr. Miller talked with those remaining in the clinic. Emily and Natalia confirmed that people in the waiting room seemed unaffected by the actions of the pro-lifers.

Red roses for mothers

"They were offering hope, help and encouragement," Emily said. She said Dr. Miller talked with some of the people there "for a long time," calling them out for their "hardness of heart." Emily estimated that there were between five and seven women in the waiting room when they arrived, though she added there could have been more waiting for the abortionist in the back.

Church Militant also spoke with Lynn Mills, a pro-life investigator for Citizens for a Pro-Life Society, who explained that the abortionist who runs the abortion mill, Jacob Kalo, has been sued for malpractice for a botched ectopic abortion in 2008 and another botched abortion in 2011. Kalo had his previous clinic, Women's Center of Southfield, closed in 2014 for "failing to maintain a 'sterile facility,'" and while police investigated a botched abortion of a 23-week-old baby.

Mills also explained that Kalo has been accused of sexual misconduct by his patients. In 1998, Kalo was accused of molesting a patient under anesthesia but was never prosecuted.

Pro-life advocates at the event vowed they would continue their fight for the unborn. Natalia noted that she wants to learn more facts about abortion and be prepared with pro-life pamphlets so she can continue to "evangelize the truth about what abortion really is and about the sanctity of human life."

Emily underscored the importance of the Red Rose Rescues saying, "I think it is really necessary because it's the last chance that the babies have to be possibly living and the last chance the mothers have for possibly getting help, and I think we should go as far as we can to give them that help — whether they take it or not."

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