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by Fr. Paul John Kalchik  •  •  February 25, 2020   

Gender ideology denies that man is made in the image of God

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Bishop Thomas Paprocki of Springfield, Illinois has suffered blowback for his diocese's new gender identity policy, which took effect last month. Just a decade ago, who would have thought that a Roman Catholic bishop would be taking the heat simply for affirming reality!

Bp. Thomas Paprocki of Springfield

Human beings are either male or female, and no camouflage, no mask, no makeup or surgery can change that reality. Surgical implants can make a man appear to be a woman with breasts and so forth. However, on a cellular level, reality cannot be altered and after one of these camouflaged individuals is dead and buried, their corpse will give credence to their biological sex. The pelvis bones of the deceased will show whether the deceased was a man, or a woman. Similarly, the deceased's DNA will reveal their true sex, as a man has a male DNA configuration in his cells (XY) and a woman has female DNA configuration (XX) in her cells.  

The Book of Genesis, though not a scientific document, declares this fundamental reality quite concisely: "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him, male and female he created them" (Genesis 1:27). 

As recorded in one of the world's most ancient documents, there is no mention of a third sex, nor any other such mumbo jumbo. Moreover, among higher life forms (above the plant level), the evidence of changeable sex within a species is negligible. 

Why is it, then, in this new millennium and for so many, that this basic tenet of life here on earth is being jettisoned for a false understanding of what constitutes a human being? Why are so many accepting a false anthropology based on the premise that a person's sex is changeable, that it can be whatever you want it to be? 

Do they think it is no different than changing one's hair color? "Oh, I was a redhead at birth, but I really feel like a blonde!" Camouflaging one's true biological sex is a grisly process, surgically removing healthy body parts, carving up and reforming others in a horrific second-guessing of God. A lifetime of massive doses of synthetic hormones and permanent infertility are two of the unhealthy costs. 

Thus, why is it that only one bishop has spoken out about this latest assault on reality? In his diocesan schools, children with gender dysphoria are offered the help they need, not surgery and hormones. The attempt to normalize transgenderism is especially wrong when applied to children, as if they know enough at age 9 to make life-altering decisions.

Five centuries ago, Michelangelo painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican. The chapel ceiling celebrates how God made man in his image and likeness and as this artistic triumph clearly and unambiguously shows, the humans God created are male and female, without any other configurations or sexes. Five centuries ago, life was much simpler. If one studies the figures carefully in this masterpiece, whether of God or of Adam in the center of the ceiling — or, elsewhere in the painting, of Eve — one readily comes to the conclusion that God, in his greatest act of creation, creating humanity, was thoughtful, rational and serene. God, a good and holy God, created all things to reflect his divine nature, and all that God created was beautiful! 

In the central image of creation, Adam is a youthful man in his prime. God the Father, though depicted as a mature man with a full beard, is portrayed as strong and powerful — yet without any of the frailties of age or of maturity. 

God, a good and holy God, created all things to reflect his divine nature, and all that God created was beautiful! 

The facial similarity between God the Father and his son Adam is recognizable, but it's more than that. The intelligence in the eyes of God the Father is mirrored in the eyes of Adam. Of all the characteristics humanity has been given by God, being made in the image of God, it is our intelligence, our rationality that mirrors who our true Father is: God! God is supremely rational and good! And man, made in God's image and likeness, the ultimate of all creation, mirrors God's greatest gift of all, his rationality — his reason! Why oh why, would humanity in this new millennium want to jettison God's greatest gifts of reason and intelligence?   

It is a tragedy to throw away reason and common sense. It is foolish to ignore truth, suspend reality and deny that there is a natural law. Why are so many coerced or guilted into acceptance of the unnatural as normal, and based on what? Is it the idea that fairness means equal results (impossible) not equal opportunity? Is it that feelings now trump thought? Is it all mercy and no justice (ask some women athletes forced now to compete with biological men)?

Good for you, Bp. Paprocki, for standing your ground and demonstrating a path for other prelates to follow. Thank you for having the courage to risk persecution and speak the truth. Of all dogmas to uphold, being made in God's image and likeness needs to be at the forefront — "in the divine image he made them, male and female he made them." 

For those interested, a petition has been launched to support Bp. Paprocki's policy.

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