Foisting Ideology on Children

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by David Nussman  •  •  March 9, 2020   

Virginia governor bans gender-affirming therapy for minors

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Governor Ralph Northam: "So it's something we've been working on for years."

The governor of Virginia is promoting gender confusion and homosexuality in children.

Democratic Governor Ralph Northam signed into law last week House Bill 386, which bars counselors and healthcare providers from helping children who suffer from gender dysphoria or same-sex attraction.

The law — which will go into effect in July — threatens disciplinary action for licensed professionals who affirm an underage patient's true biological sex or try to sway someone from the gay lifestyle.

Last year, Governor Northam said babies born alive after attempted abortions should be left on the table to die if the parents so choose.

As the new law in Virginia demonstrates, American culture is in the middle of a battle over transgenderism in children.

State lawmakers around the country are considering new bills that would ban transgender surgeries and hormones for underaged children.

Meanwhile, states like Illinois are forcing schools to teach LGBT history.

Late last month activists trumpeted a reading day in public schools across the nation — planting a pro-LGBT message in kids' heads by exposing them to transgender-themed children's books.

With both sides pushing forward, the war continues over the minds and hearts of Americans — and the bodies and souls of their children.

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