History Hatched in Hell

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by Joseph Enders  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  June 23, 2021   

Marxist roots of critical race theory

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Debates over critical race theory (CRT) are cascading across the country, as red states ban it and blue states mandate it. Yet many on the Left claim the average American doesn't even know what critical race theory is really about. Fine — so let's set the record straight. It's divide and conquer; nothing more, nothing less.

But it's best to first understand that CRT is a Marxist philosophy. So what is Marxism? Karl Marx, the architect of communism, called himself a dialectical materialist, building off German philosopher Friedrich Hegel's famous conception of "dialectic." Hegel's dialectic was used as a means to abstract human history to ideological competition.

Hegel argued that a thesis and antithesis will synthesize; then, that synthesis will invariably have an antithesis with which it will synthesize. This process, Hegel postulated, will occur perpetually in the course of human history. But Marx took this a step further. He argued thesis + antithesis = synthesis, but simplified it further, applying the idea to ongoing class warfare. Marx predicted that society would evolve, as follows:

  • From nobles versus slaves to lords versus serfs
  • From lords versus serfs to the wealthy capitalists who own the means of production (bourgeoisie) versus the impoverished underclass of workers (proletariat)
  • From the bourgeoisie versus the proletariat to socialism
  • From socialism to communism (a utopia where every man works for the common good, with no desire for competition)

On the surface, Marxism appears altruistically intentioned. However, it takes for granted that progress is an inevitability and that it's good. But neither supposition is infallibly true. History has shown that social degeneration is possible (and, alas, frequent) in human civilization.

Labor movement agitators

Social orders have risen and fallen, often for reasons having nothing to do with class warfare. The Romans collapsed from a string of military losses against nations fleeing marauding Hunnic armies (which forced Rome's enemies to flood through its overexpanded and unsecured borders). Rome's evolution and demise were about power and overexpansion, not class.

Even the Bolshevik revolution in 1917 Russia skipped from lord versus serf right into socialism. Moreover, it never truly reached Marx's atheistic utopia. There are several other examples to draw from, but to avoid digressing further, let's admit dialectical materialism is often demonstrably false.

The United States has consistently been the world's bulwark against Marxism, holding the line against communist expansion, especially after World War II and during the Cold War.

But Marxism came to America much earlier, taking the form of the labor movement in the 1880s — which pushed workers to collectivize into unions. From the 1890s to the present day, it continued to spread via the progressive movement, which advocated for robust government assistance and financial equality.

Support for the labor movement and progressivism dissipated over time. But why? Why weren't American workers convinced they were at war with their superiors? History shows workers became relatively content after negotiating their pay through collective bargaining.

This hastened the creation of America's middle class. By 1890, the top 1% of earners owned roughly 25% of the nation's wealth, but the vast majority of wealth was in the hands of a bustling middle class — which was vastly larger than Marx's so-called proletarian class.

Why would Americans believe in a class war that did not historically exist in their nation? For most of the country's population, the arguments of the Marxist labor movement simply weren't convincing enough to inspire a revolution.

This is where progressives needed to adapt. They recognized Marx's dialectical materialism (essentially, fighting over money) wasn't coming to fruition in the American nation. That's why the narrative needed to move beyond class warfare to an issue America did historically struggle with — racial conflict.

Enter Saul Alinsky, a self-identified Jewish agnostic who fostered a new vision of progressivism. Alinsky sired community organizing in the 1930s, spending much of his time in immigrant and African American inner-city communities.

The best definition for community organizing was delivered in 1988 by a star pupil of Alinsky, the young Barack Obama:

Organizing begins with the premise that (1) the problems facing inner-city communities do not result from a lack of effective solutions, but from a lack of power to implement these solutions; (2) that the only way for communities to build long-term power is by organizing people and the money [they raise] around a common vision; and (3) that a viable organization can only be achieved if a broadly based indigenous leadership — and not one or two charismatic leaders — can knit together the diverse interests of their local institutions [and "grassroots" people].

Alinsky and his progeny knew that rich versus poor would yield little success. To bring about their communist paradise, the only option was to shift the focus to highly segregated communities in the inner cities — editing the same bourgeoisie versus proletariat mindset to non-white victims versus white oppressors, a racial conflict.

This is what we call critical race theory. And It was no shock that after Alinsky's left-wing propaganda machine began chugging through these communities, non-white Americans moved away from patriotism and capitalism, and into the socialist and communist ideologies proposed by the increasingly leftist Democrat Party.

Saul Alinsky

Why wouldn't they? They were taught America is an evil white nation that enslaved their ancestors, forcing segregation on them and their comrades in the South. Why love this evil nation and not your race instead? The CRT proposal is extremely enticing, especially when it's rooted in real moral faults encountered in American history.

Alinsky, unsurprisingly, was also instrumental in organizing left-wing militant groups who opposed Western civilization — which finds its root in Catholicism. His end goal was simple: Use racial conflict to foster revolution against Western social norms — using race as the catalyst.

This brings us to the coup de grâce of the Marxist movement. Decades of community organizing by trained Marxist groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa along with Marxist college educators pushing youth rebellion eventually drove the country to the politically correct hell it's in today.

Cheerleaders like Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and other Democratic Party leaders, meanwhile, continually button their lips amid mayhem caused by their racialist ilk. This is why progressives in the Democratic Party lie, deflect, obfuscate and dissimulate to avoid explaining their absurd policies. There's no justification for them, and they know it.

Cultural Marxists are pawns of those working to see this nation destroyed.

They know Americans don't support these radical social changes. They know the changes will rot the soul of the nation. This is what so many Republicans and Catholics don't see: It's their goal to collapse Western civilization.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

Cultural Marxists are pawns of those working to see this nation destroyed. Their puppet masters desire to build a new world order under the banner of globalist neoliberalism — where power-hungry elites force ordinary people into an oligarchic dystopia where they "own nothing and have no privacy."

It's why they hate national pride and push separating black independence from American independence with faux holidays like Juneteenth. It's why they wish to disrupt the "Western-prescribed nuclear family structure." And it's why they hate when "the dogma lives loudly" within faithful Catholics.

It's tragic that once-celebrated Western social norms are now ritually denigrated in CRT curriculums like the 1619 Project — a curriculum that openly admits every ethnic group except for White Americans has a right to a common ethnic identity. They say Western culture or "whiteness" is inextricable from white supremacy.

Patriotism, the nuclear family, traditional marriage and border security have been redefined to mean "racist," "sexist," "homophobic" and "xenophobic." Everyone is sick of hearing the critical race theory dog-whistling — it's meant to say: "You love God and your country. You have an opinion I don't like. So because you're white, shut up!"

To understand the Marxist trajectory is to understand the reason why progressives wish to obscure life's highest meaning: God, family, country — all while tearing the U.S.A. apart by its racial seams. It's about reprogramming the human mind to make us controllable automatons.

Marxists demand human perfectibility without God, the Church, patriotism or family. They don't want to debate you on these topics; they would sooner kill you and erase your way of life before considering your point of view. It's not a debate to them. It's a war — one they intend to win.

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