Fourth Nun Testifies to Jesuit Abuser’s Orgies

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by Jules Gomes  •  •  January 24, 2023   

Celebrity artist asked accomplice to groom sister into sexual threesomes

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ROME ( - A fourth religious sister is revealing how celebrity Jesuit artist Fr. Marko Ivan Rupnik repeatedly demanded threesomes from her with another sister and forced her to have oral sex with him. 

Pope Francis with Fr. Marko Ivan Rupnik at the Aletti Center

Rupnik, a friend and advisor to Pope Francis, solicited "Klara" (a pseudonym) when she was a 16-year-old nursing intern and later entrusted her to one of his sexual partners who would prepare her for sexual orgies involving a ménage à trois, Domani reported Sunday. 

Jesuit Grooms Minor

Klara said she first met Rupnik in 1980 at an infectious diseases clinic in Ljubljana, where she was a first-year nursing intern. At the time, the Jesuit was being hospitalized for an infection at the Slovenian clinic, the ex-nun told the Italian newspaper in an extended interview. 
"We were alone in the room and while I was making the bed, the cross I was wearing around my neck slipped out of my shirt," Klara revealed, explaining that she still feared being persecuted for her faith after her experience of communism in Yugoslavia.

"To reassure me, he told me he was a Jesuit, and he had an art studio in Rome. When he was discharged, he invited me to participate in a youth group that he himself had created and which met at the Jesuit headquarters in Dravlje, Ljubljana," she added.

He began to masturbate in front of me over the sink.

"My desire was to put myself at the service of others and for this I had studied to be a nurse," Klara said, adding that she "was also very religious." Klara recounted that ever since she was a child she had "dreamed of going on a mission, even though I still didn't know whether as a nun or as a lay person." 

Rupnik "immediately picked up on this aspiration" and began forcing her to join the Loyola Community (Skupnost Loyola) — cofounded by the Jesuit with his close friend, Mother Superior Ivanka Hosta.

Rome correspondent Dr. Jules Gomes reports on Rupnik's role in Rome

"He was very insistent. At the same time, he always spoke to me about an Italian girl who modeled in the studio where he painted," Klara recounted. Rupnik upheld the Italian model "as an example of femininity and eroticism, characteristics that he said he also saw in me."

Oral Sex

In 1986, a year before Klara joined the Loyola Community, Rupnik — who was living in the Jesuit community in Gorizia — visited Klara in her sublet apartment. She states that Rupnik "invited me to enter the bathroom with him where he began to masturbate in front of me over the sink."

"Then he took my hand so that I continued [to masturbate him], while with the other [hand] he pushed my head down," Klara said, forcing her to have oral sex. 

She touched herself and 'played' with me in bed, talking to me about how it would be with Father Rupnik.

"You need it because you haven't received enough love and attention from your father," Rupnik told Klara, also warning her not to tell anyone about the incident. 

"When he was certain that I would enter the community, he began to exploit me sexually as she pleased," Klara reported. "I remember once, after driving two sisters from Mengeš to Gorizia, he stopped in the garage and began to grope me and then masturbate himself and me."

Rupnik's mosaic on the Annunciation

"The same year, he chose me as an assistant while he was directing the Spiritual Exercises in the Stična Monastery, just to give me more days to have sex," she noted. "I felt trapped and couldn't talk about it with anyone. Everyone in the community told me I had to be humble and submissive."

Demanding Threesomes

When Rupnik visited Skupnost Loyola for spiritual guidance and confessions, Klara recounted that "he repeatedly told me that he also had sex with other sisters, repeatedly mentioning threesomes and asking me if I would rather be with a sister and him, or if I wanted to be alone with two men." She added, "He described to me our future threesome in great detail."

Klara described how Rupnik attempted to seduce her into having a ménage à trois by sending her to San Marco in Lamis, Puglia, to the home of a former member of the Loyola Community during Easter 1988. 

"Rupnik had told me at length about how she inspired him artistically when, in his studio, she massaged her breasts and caressed herself in front of him. I soon realized that I had been sent to her house with the express purpose of being taught about threesomes," Klara said. 

"She touched herself and 'played' with me in bed, talking to me about how it would be with Father Rupnik and how we would drink his sperm from a goblet at dinner," the nun recollected. "I was extremely embarrassed and totally stunned, so much so that one evening she called Rupnik on her phone telling him that there was nothing he could do with me."

I was exploited, ignored and marginalized in the community.

Klara testified to how the Jesuit abuser "completely changed his attitude towards me and began to treat me very badly" after she refused to have a threesome with him. 

Victim Punished 

"I was exploited, ignored and marginalized in the community, and the attitude of Ivanka Hosta, the superior, also changed radically. I became a third class sister, considered incapable of observing obedience, praying and being humble," she recalled.  

"It was their way of telling me that I could only serve the sisters, earn some money, but I didn't have the right to speak. I was publicly humiliated, scolded and punished. I couldn't tell the cause of my pain and inner confusion, I just felt like a useless emotional wreck," Klara added.

Vatican features Rupnik painting on the cover of a stamp volume

"After years of harassment by the superior and her 'protégés,' I was transferred to Jerusalem to a small community headquarters and three years later I left it permanently," the former religious sister revealed. "I was 35 years old."

Klara, who was 23 when she entered the community in 1987 and had taken her final vows four years later, said Rupnik "denied everything" when she later confronted him in Italy. "He remained impassive and he replied that he didn't know what I was talking about."

Exposing the Jesuit predator's manipulation, Klara revealed that during the 1986 "trial" year in her community, she received an engagement proposal from a boy she knew. 

"I told the sister in charge of the Slovenian community and immediately came the summons from Fr. Rupnik to go to Rome to speak with him. In that meeting he scolded me harshly telling me that I was stupid and that I was doing everything wrong," Klara said. 

The victim reported how Rupnik told her that she was rejecting Christ if she didn't choose to join the Loyola Community. "His words frightened me because I was a religious person and I certainly didn't want to distance myself from God," Klara noted. 

"Even at the time of the final choice I had doubts: the desire to leave as a lay missionary had reawakened in me but Fr. Rupnik cut it short by saying that my decision for the Loyola Community could not and should not be changed," she explained. 

Victim Testimonies

Klara is the fourth religious sister to testify against the world-famous mosaic artist. In December, "Anna" and "Esther" (pseudonyms) revealed the extent of Rupnik's spiritual, psychological, sexual and physical abuse of at least 20 nuns in Slovenia and Italy.

Anna, an Italian nun and former medical student, described how the artist forced her to watch pornographic movies and engage in a threesome with another sister of the community — in a so-called imitation of the Holy Trinity. The sister says Rupnik almost drove her to suicide.

While I was still a novice, he put his hands on my butt.

Esther, a former secretary to Mother Ivanka Hosta, testified that her mother superior colluded with the serial abuser to cover up his sexual abuse of nuns and revealed that her community "began to function as a real cult."

In January, in an exclusive interview with the Italian newspaper Domani, a third sister, "Roberta," revealed how the Loyola Community served as a "hunting reserve for Rupnik," Church Militant reported.

Pope Francis with Fr. Rupnik at the Aletti Center

"While I was still a novice, he put his hands on my butt, commenting on its shape with pleasure," Roberta said. "I remember one of his 'lessons' on the importance of the color white in women's underwear and his invitation to wear slightly transparent white blouses that revealed the bra as a sublime sign of purity and spiritual beauty."

In January 2020, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith unanimously convicted and excommunicated Rupnik for sacramentally absolving a sexual accomplice. Pope Francis reportedly rehabilitated his Jesuit brother in May 2020.

In October 2022, the Vatican dismissed the findings of the investigation and the trial by the CDF on the basis that Rupnik's crimes of sexual, spiritual and physical abuse against at least 20 nuns were outside the statute of limitations.

Pope Francis continues to remain silent on his role in the Rupnik scandal. Despite the explosive revelations in the Italian media since Dec. 1, the Vatican has featured a painting by Rupnik on the cover of its latest stamp volume, which was released on Dec. 22, 2022.

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