Fr. James Martin Speaking at NY Parish

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by Alexander Karzon  •  •  August 31, 2023   

Help cancel his talk

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Saint Pius X Catholic Church in Scarsdale, N.Y., is advertising an in-person talk by homosexualist Fr. James Martin, S.J., on the Synod on Synodality and reaching out to LGBT Catholics. It's scheduled for Sept. 17.

The advertisement shown at the parish says:

Building Bridges: Reaching Out to LGBT Catholics 

In advance of [the Synod on Synodality's] first session, which will take place in Rome in October 2023, the need for the Catholic Church to be more inclusive of minority groups such as the LGBTQ+ Catholic community has emerged. Join us to talk with Fr. James Martin, S.J., about how to overcome the chasm between the official response from our Church and her LGBTQ+ faithful members.

Martin's work to promote homosexual and transgender "inclusion" in the Catholic Church is well known. However, the parish needs to be informed about the litany of scandalous things Martin has said over the years and to disinvite Martin from speaking.

Call to Action

As such, we are asking you to use the contact information below and demand that Fr. Martin's talk be canceled.


Church of St. Pius X 


Phone: (914) 725-2755


Parish Council 



Event Point of Contact: Marina Cardillo 



Here is the email you can send: 


I am deeply troubled to learn that Fr. James Martin, S.J., has been invited to speak at the parish. Father Martin is well-known for his LGBTQ advocacy, and despite the fact that he routinely claims that he is not advocating sin or homosexual behavior, his public comments prove otherwise.

But that's not all. Father Martin has also posted sacrilegious and blasphemous images of the Blessed Virgin Mary, publicly questioned the judgment of Holy Scripture on the sinfulness of homosexual activity, advocated for the placement of children in the homes of homosexual couples for adoption, endorsed the "blessing" of same-sex "marriages" and even advocated for "trans" students to be able to use whatever bathroom they wish and to be called by the gender pronouns of their choosing.

I'm providing proof of all of this in the bottom portion of this message so that you can see for yourself how dangerous to the Faith and to the faithful James Martin truly is. Please, for the sake of souls, do not allow James Martin to speak. I am asking you to cancel James Martin's presentation.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

(Your Name)

Proof of James Martin's Assaults on Catholic Teaching

Fr. Martin asserts that chastity is not required of homosexuals

  • In an interview on Aug. 29 with Brandon Ambrosino (an openly gay man engaged to his male partner), Fr. Martin claimed homosexuals aren't bound by Church teaching on chastity because it hasn't been "received" by the LGBT community. "For a teaching to be really authoritative," he said, "it is expected that it will be received by the people of God, by the faithful. The teaching that LGBT people must be celibate their entire lives has not been received."
  • This is a heretical statement because it rejects the infallible teaching authority of the Catholic Church and makes doctrine dependent on how it's "received" by the people. Church teaching isn't determined by democratic assent or by popular vote. Its truths are absolute, rooted in the Truth, Our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Canonist Ed Peters notes, "Martin might regret that, in virtue of Canon 1055 (which presents the nature of marriage itself), two lesbians cannot marry each other, nor can two homosexuals, but if that is what underlies Martin's complaints about celibacy supposedly being imposed on such persons, he needs to take it up with the infallible Magisterium of the Church."
  • Gregory Brown, writing in First Things, rejects Fr. Martin's characterization, writing, "The authority of teachings cannot be tested by consulting the inner senses of practicing Catholics. ... Subjective certainty is not a certain guide — nor even, really, a reliable one — to whether one's intuition actually springs from the sensus fidei."

 Fr. Martin states that Catholics should "reverence" gay marriage

  • At a Sept. 5, 2017 symposium at Fordham University, Fr. Martin described same-sex "marriage" as "a loving act" and said the Church must "reverence" it.

  • The Church's immutable teaching on marriage is clear: A "covenant by which a man and a woman establish between themselves a partnership of the whole of life and which is ordered by its nature to the good of the spouses and the procreation and education of offspring."

Blasphemies Against Our Lady

On Dec. 21 of this past year, Martin posted this mockery of Our Lady, depicting her as a communist revolutionary raising the clenched fist of solidarity, wearing combat boots and trampling on a human skull.

On Dec. 12, 2017, Martin promoted an image of Our Lady dressed immodestly, carrying a snake in her hand and trampling on an angel. According to the artist's Wiki page, she "depicted herself clutching a snake while stepping on an angel, a symbol of the patriarchy." 

Directly Questioned the Inerrancy of Scripture

On Oct. 23, 2019, Martin openly questioned the inerrancy of Holy Scripture by quoting the following statement from an article: "Where the Bible mentions [same-sex sexual] behavior at all, it clearly condemns it. I freely grant that. The issue is precisely whether the biblical judgment is correct. The Bible sanctioned slavery as well and nowhere attacked it as unjust."

Sacrilegiously Calls the Holy Spirit "She"

In September 2017, while complaining about organizations and ministries advancing authentic Catholic teaching, Martin misgendered God by referring to the Holy Spirit as "She." 

Refers to Men "Married" to Other Men as "Husbands"

Martin said:

I continually come back to my friend Mark and his husband. And I continually say — and maybe this is a failure of mine to imagine someone else, maybe it's arrogant — but I have a hard time imagining how even the most traditionalist, homophobic, close-minded Catholic cannot look at my friend and say, "That is a loving act. And that is a form of love that I don't understand, but that I have to reverence."

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Martin, answering a man's question on homosexual kissing at Mass, said, "I hope in 10 years you will be able to kiss your partner [in church] or, you know, soon to be your husband." 

Endorses Homosexual Adoption of Children

In November 2020, Martin conflated homosexuality with race and religion as he suggested Catholic adoption agencies should be providing children to homosexual couples, saying, "Religious liberty should not be used as a cover for homophobia."

Supports Transgender Ideology Among Students and Same-Sex "Married" Teachers in Catholic Schools

In June 2020, Martin decried the archdiocese of Indianapolis' decision to strip a local Catholic high school of its "Catholic" affiliation because the administration refused to fire a teacher who had entered into a same-sex "marriage." Regarding the decision, Martin said that he "stood with" LGBT colleagues against what he called "the relentless targeting of LGBT people."

In February 2017, Martin called for self-described transgender students to be able to use the bathroom of their choice, which would allow boys to enter girls' bathrooms. He stated, "They should be able to use whatever bathrooms they choose. It's [sic] doesn't hurt anybody." 

He followed that up by describing women using men's bathrooms out of necessity — and conflated that with choice — asking, "Who is harmed by a #trans student using a bathroom?"

He followed that up by claiming that denying a boy entry into a girl's bathroom is an "affront to their dignity as human beings."

In August 2021, Martin suggested Catholic schools should acknowledge students' "gender identity" by referring to them by their "preferred pronouns," regardless of their biological reality. 

Support for Homosexual Activity and "Civil Union Laws"

In May 2019, Martin called Kenya's criminalization of homosexual activity "unconscionable," saying, "The Church should support the decriminalization of same-sex relations." 

In October 2020, Martin celebrated Pope Francis' call to create same-sex "civil union laws," calling it "a major step forward in the Church's support for LGBTQ people."

If you are interested in taking further action, email

--- Campaign 31877 ---


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