Fr. James Martin’s Big Gay Interview 

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by Jesse Russell  •  •  August 27, 2019   

With special guest John 'Skippy' Podesta

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For both his supporters and his foes, Fr. James Martin, S.J. has become a tired meme.  

His art of gaslighting Catholics into accepting homosexuality and transgenderism while simultaneously protesting his devotion to Church teaching is well known.  

His cringe-worthy social media postings of 1970s-tier photos of the life of Christ mixed with comments about how Catholics in the Western world are obligated to accepted tens of millions of military-age men from the Global South into their communities have grown tiresome, neither inspiring anger nor excitement, but merely boredom.  

It is only a matter of time before Fr. Martin, like Cdls. BernadinMcCarrick and Mahony before him, reaches his shelf life and is whisked away from the limelight to be replaced by a new spokesman for the globohomo agenda.  

It is only a matter of time before Fr. Martin reaches his shelf life and is replaced by a new spokesman for the globohomo agenda.

However, before his celebrity curtain call, Fr. Martin has left us with a very interesting interview that he gave on July 15 of the Kill Me Now podcast of Judy Gold, a lesbian comedienne known for her work in advocating for abortion and homosexual causes, as well as her efforts advocating for the civil rights for various ethnic and religious groups.  

Gold's podcast is a veritable "cringe fest" that reads like a satirical far-right YouTube stream mocking older liberal women, complete with ads for deodorant, hormonal therapy products and natural "anti-anxiety" treatments narrated by the chatty Judy Gold herself. 

However, more than a gab fest with Gold, this particular Kill Me Now interview revealed some very interesting tidbits about our very good friend Fr. James "Call me Jim” Martin, S.J.  

Along with a lot of laughter, some obnoxious bell-ringing and even what appear to be a few tears, we learn that Fr. Martin served as an advisor for a 2005 off-Broadway play called "The Last Days of Judas Iscariot," which was directed by the talented but sadly lapsed Catholic Philip Seymour Hoffman.  

In fact, to this very day, Fr. Martin remains a member of the LAByrinth theater company.  

Father Martin is very much connected with mainstream, establishment media of all of sorts.  

John Podesta

As is well known, he is close friends with Late Show host Stephen Colbert. Colbert himself is well connected with the liberal wing of the Democratic Party and is a close friend of Democratic strategist John "Skippy" Podesta. 

Very interestingly, as noted by the notorious Wikileaks "Podesta emails," Colbert was not above producing "special episodes" on behalf Hillary Clinton's campaign. And, as a disturbing side note, Colbert was accused of some of the same crimes as Podesta by the actor Isaac Kappy, who mysteriously died this May.   

On The Late Show Colbert also vehemently defended Podesta from accusations of sexual abuse and even more recently, although acknowledging Jeffrey Epstein's guilt, has dismissed suggestions by President Donald Trump that other powerful individuals in the Democratic Party are implicated in the Epstein affair. 

Is there a possible connection between the notorious John Podesta and Fr. James Martin?  


Podesta is a graduate of the Jesuit-run Georgetown University, whose Berkley Center for Religion, Peace and World Affairs is headed by former Obama State Department official Shaun Casey. Podesta also very interestingly in his early years briefly studied to be a Jesuit. Even more interestingly, Podesta, in another infamous Wikileaks email to Bill DeBlasio, comments that his "Jesuit friends" had told him after his election that Pope Francis is "the real deal."

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What exactly Podesta means by the current Holy Father being "the real deal" is anyone's guess. However, is it possible that Fr. Martin is one of Podesta's "Jesuit friends"?  


Stephen Colbert poses with Fr. James Martin (L)

and Fr. Thomas Rosica (R), the disgraced, pro-LGBT Canadian priest

and former Vatican spokesman exposed as a serial plagiarist

We know that one of Podesta's Jesuit friends is Fr. William Bryon, S.J., Podesta's former pastor, who gave the invocation at the 2016 Democratic National Convention. Is it possible that Colbert at one point introduced his close friend Podesta to his close friend Fr. Martin? We can't confirm for certain, but it seems highly likely.  

Indeed, it seems like there is a whole network of leftist Catholic celebrities who work hand in glove with the Democratic Party and who have a bad habit of being accused of sexual indiscretions. It would not be a stretch to say Fr. Martin has some very "close to home" motivations for promoting sexual deviancy throughout the country. 

Finally, one of the biggest takeaways from Fr. Martin's interview with Gold is the mysterious process by which he was urged to write and publish his 2017 Building a Bridge: How the Catholic Church and the LGBT Community Can Enter Into a Relationship of Respect, Compassion, and Sensitivity 

To the attentive and doting Gold, herself a friend of Colbert, Fr. Martin explains how he came to write Building a Bridge: After Islamic terrorist Omar Mateen (weirdly the son of an FBI informant) killed a number of people at the Pulse Night Club in Orlando, Florida in 2016, Fr. Martin was upset that the U.S. bishops were not expressing condolences adequately. 

In response, he published an "angry" video on Facebook, which received over 1.5 million views. This video helped propel Fr. Martin into the vanguard of the "Catholic LGBT" movement.  

He then states that he was invited by the notorious New Ways Ministry to give a talk (he forgets to mention to Gold that he actually received the "Building a Bridge" award from New Ways). As Fr. Martin explains, this visit to New Ways served as an inspiration for the composition of Building a Bridge.  

Although sheepishly telling Gold that he didn't think his book was going to be a big deal, Fr. Martin may not be telling the whole truth. In the current year there is no such thing as an "accidental best-seller" in the carefully planned, guarded and curated mainstream book publishing industry. 

The big question is: Who supported and coached Fr. James Martin to write Building a Bridge 

It certainly was not a spur-of-the-moment decision at a New Ways Ministry gala. In fact, New Ways itself is not simply a grassroots, "people powered" social justice organization; it is fed money from powerful and influential leftwing benefactors.  

As Catholic News Agency reports, New Ways Ministry is a recipient of money from the Arcus Fund, the project of gay billionaire Jon Stryker. Who else is a recipient of Jon Stryker's money?  

 Maybe, after all is said and done, Fr. Martin is like his fellow members of LAByrinth theater: an aspiring performer trying to make it big.   

The Center for American Progress, founded by none other than Podesta himself, who has a long record of pushing progressive policies in the Church. Among Catholics the most infamous Podesta email is the February 2012 exchange with Sandy Newman in which they argue for a "Catholic Spring" to overturn the conservative hierarchical structure of the Church.  

Is it possible that Fr. Martin is a crucial figure in this new Catholic Spring? If so, how long has he been working to overturn Catholic teaching?  

Maybe, in the end, Fr. Martin is not simply a radical leftist who is crafting a dangerous and deceptive narrative of Catholic social teaching. Maybe, after all is said and done, Fr. Martin is like his fellow members of LAByrinth theater: an aspiring performer trying to make it big.   

As the fall-out of the Jeffery Epstein and Theodore McCarrick scandals continue to rain onto the digital pages of the postmillennial media and the thin line between "the news" and "conspiracy theories" rapidly dissolves, it has become quite clear that the mask of power in our country is slipping off, and we will, very soon, see the true face of the "director" who has been running The Fr. James Martin Show.

Jesse Russell is a writer for a variety of Catholic publications.

8/28/2019: This article has been revised to clarify Colbert's remarks about Epstein. 


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