Fr. Dariusz Oko Responds to Gay Priest’s Accusations

by Church Militant  •  •  October 3, 2015   

"[In] his pride he placed himself above the Church"

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Father Dariusz Oko is a Polish priest and professor at the Pontifical University of John Paul II in Krakow. He is best known for his 2012 paper "With the Pope Against the Homoheresy," which details a large homosexual network within the Catholic Church that is attempting to undermine the Faith from within.
Boguslaw Rąpała: Fr. Krzysztof Charamsa has publicly announced that he is gay. And it is you, Reverend Father Professor, that are the target of his sharpest attack. How do you, Father, react to this?
Fr. Dariusz Oko: After the attack on me, which was launched on Wednesday, I thought that he was gay and it was confirmed. I warned that he could end up like Fr. Węcławski or Fr. Czajkowski, and it also came true. One can see that he feels towards me a terrible hatred, and he is living what he is implying against me. But as a Christian I forgive him, I pray for him; I invite him to lectures and seminars. I can see in him personality disorders, and that he needs help. If he needs a psychiatrist or psychologist, I know a few of them, and can even have his treatment covered.
Boguslaw Rąpała: What does "coming out" mean in the case of a priest?
Fr. Dariusz Oko: After the speech, one could see in Fr. Charamsa a disturbed, immature and selfish personality. It is something terrible, that he puts gay sex above God, so to speak. Even if he had these problems, such tendencies, he is still a priest there to serve the people for the most important thing — that is, to get to Heaven. For a priest this is the most important task, to which he must sacrifice everything.
Boguslaw Rąpała: What is your opinion, Father, of Fr. Charamsa's view of the problems and challenges facing the Church and the world today?
Fr. Dariusz Oko: In the article, in which he is attacking me, one sees huge gaps in knowledge, culture and methodology. He cannot even quote me correctly. For example, the statement attributed to me is not mine. It also shows a glaring lack of education. Besides that, one can also see he is mentally confused. He places on the same level the Crusades and Jihad. He does not understand that Islam was spread by violence, that it is a threat to us. He continually speaks of a language of peace, culture; perhaps he has this theological conception. You can visualize it as if we were in 1920. When the Bolsheviks attacked Warsaw, one would want to dialogue with them and invite them for tea. He cannot differentiate between atheists, with whom one can hold a discussion, and those who are deadly enemies! And today, the gender offensive is an offensive of atheists who hate the Church and they want to destroy Her, annihilate Her! He is unable to understand, seeming a bit infantile.
He has not grown out of the childish notion of a God who only caresses and soothes. He places himself somehow above Christ, because he thinks you cannot use demanding language, yet Jesus spoke of "whitewashed tombs," "murderers of the prophets." If the Pope speaks of genderism as a tsunami or disease, will he also oppose him, and claim that he cannot speak that way? This is childishness, an infantile conception of theology. This infantilism has led him to be lost and has become a personal catastrophe. The poor man, I feel sorry for him. We must pray for him, but his case also shows what homosexuality is, to what hatred a homosexual can go, and how badly it can distort one's personality.
Boguslaw Rąpała: The Vatican has now removed Fr. Charamsa from his positions.
Fr. Dariusz Oko: I have to say that I have a charism in identifying fallen priests. A number of times when I had a conflict with a priest, and I was criticized or attacked by him, then after a few months it came out my way. It was that way with Drewermann in Germany, when I said that he is outside the Church, and after a few months he confessed that he is a Buddhist. Ten years ago I was attacked by Bartoś, Obirek, later Prusak, Fr. Boniecki — they all either left the priesthood or were sanctioned. Father Charamsa committed an incredible manipulation, which could have implied that I was being critiqued by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, and yet he was doing it as an employee for his own purposes. Besides attacking me, he struck at the episcopate, teachers, theologians and philosophers who support me, or at least do not criticize me. He presented himself in his pride above the episcopate, above teachers, above the Church. His poor, disturbed personality has led him to disaster.
Boguslaw Rąpała: How can it be explained that a priest with such a disturbed personality and such an infantile theological conception — as you, Father-Professor, specify — could work for so many years in the high echelons of the Vatican?
Fr. Dariusz Oko: In a similar manner that Abps. Juliusz Petz and Jozef Wesolowski worked. There is this part of the Church that is sick. Similarly, one can ask how was it possible that the Lord Jesus tolerated Judas in the midst of the Apostles. In the hope that he would be converted? Judas as one of 12 Apostles was 8.3 percent. A 30,000 priests in Poland, that is 2.5 thousand who probably live like Judases, who commit terrible things, because, unfortunately, such things are possible. But I must emphasize that the best and most beautiful thing we have is the Church. This is the greatest gift God has given us, for which one must be grateful and used as beautifully as possible, to live in this Church.
Translation courtesy of Toronto Catholic Witness. All republications of this English translation must credit and link to Toronto Catholic Witness. Original interview in Polish here.


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