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by Benjamin Starnes  •  •  August 10, 2021   

Vaccine frenzy undermines virtue

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Baylor professor and medical doctor Peter Hotez recently shared his belief that "hate crime" laws should be expanded to target those who criticize the "official" COVID vaccine narrative.

Dr. Peter Hotez and Dr. Anthony Fauci

He is claiming that "a band of ultraconservative members of the U.S. Congress and other public officials with far-right leanings are waging organized and seemingly well-coordinated attacks against prominent U.S. biological scientists."

And what exactly does he cite as evidence for these so-called "attacks"? He points to attempts to hold Dr. Anthony Fauci accountable, the exposure of harmful vaccine side effects and the desire to discern the origins of the China Virus.

Correct: Dr. Hotez believes the desire to know whether the coronavirus came from a bio-weapons lab in China qualifies as an unjustified "attack" on scientists like Dr. Anthony Fauci and him.

Despite his claims to the contrary, Hotez isn't sad science isn't heeded. He's sad his version of "science" isn't heeded. Luc Montagnier, a French virologist who won a Nobel Prize for discovering the HIV virus, contradicts Hotez, Fauci and company by insisting COVID vaccines are an "unacceptable mistake." 

He maintains the COVID vaccines are actually causing the virus variants. He draws attention to how in countries where vaccines are administered, "the curve of vaccination is followed by the curve of deaths."

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Another source, buttressing Dr. Montagnier's assessment, recounts how, in Israel, half of all Delta variant infections occurred in people who had already been fully vaccinated.

Vaccine worshipers claim the jab will bring society more freedom by helping everyone resume a normal life. But as Pope Leo XIII mentions in his papal encyclical Libertas, "Liberty never leads men to suppress the truth, but often to discover it and make it known." Vaccine worshipers — and their "scientific" salesmen — don't want the truth known, and, therefore, don't want the American people to be free.

Vaccine worshipers — and their 'scientific' salesmen — don't want the truth known, and, therefore, don't want the American people to be free.

Ultimately, Dr. Peter Hotez is afraid of the truth and would giddily see the strong arm of an unelected government silence critics of COVID hysteria, those simply seeking answers.

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