Crowdfunding Site Supports Moral Conservatives

by Church Militant  •  •  April 20, 2017 hopes to become the "go-to site for social conservatives"

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JERSEY CITY (Church - A crowdfunding site borne of discrimination continues to help those persecuted by the leftist agenda. is keeping up with its goal of helping those suffering discrimination by secular crowdfunding sites. Those who refuse to support the LGBT agenda or abortion are finding their pages removed for "intolerance" or "discrimination." Gofundme's website lists "the promotion of hate, violence, harassment, discrimination, terrorism, or intolerance of any kind relating to race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, sex, gender or gender identity, or serious disabilities or diseases," as reasons for removing a campaign.

Those with savvy writing skills may be able to outwit the moderators, but for many others, it is not possible to disguise the fact that you need to raise thousands of dollars to pay legal fees for refusing to provide services for a gay wedding.

Goldberg says he is 'looking to recreate a political moral center within our country to provide resources to help bring our society back to our Judeo-Christian values.'

Church Militant spoke with founder Arthur Goldberg about the progress of the site he started when he was faced with litgation for his work promoting reparative therapy for unwanted same-sex attractions.

"Recognizing the enormity of penalties and fees that I faced and typically need to be paid by others in similar situations, I felt called by God to help people facing such a conundrum," he said.

Goldberg also says he is "looking to recreate a political moral center within our country to provide resources to help bring our society back to our Judeo-Christian values," and hopes will become the "go-to site for social conservatives."

Such social conservative sites include the Political Network for Values, which describes its website as "a global platform and resource for legislators and political representatives to network among each other on a local and global level sharing, actively defending and promoting the values of life, marriage, family and fundamental freedoms."

In 2014, recognizing the need to include a younger generation in this mission, a youth program was initiated to enable young leaders aspiring to civic and political leadership to attend a formation session where they learn how to apply their education and goals towards the common good.

Because it's not supportive of the LGBT agenda, it can't rely on other crowdfunding sites to help raise the funds needed for their trip. The 15 future political leaders attending the summit this year are requiring a modest $5,000 to cover food and lodging costs for their trip scheduled for April 28 and 29.

Luisa Mayorga, Youth Program Director for the Political Network for Values, told Church Militant, "I have been helping to coordinate this program since its foundation because I believe in the work done to promote and defend life, family and fundamental freedoms. There is a need to join efforts not only among politicians and current decision-makers but also between generations."

"Today's young leaders might be tomorrow's decision makers," she went on. "Therefore, it's important to invest the time and effort to educate these young people in the challenges, threats and opportunities our values face, and to inspire them to continue working for this cause in the future."

Miriam Gómez, a 24-year-old law student from Spain, attended two years ago. "I am very grateful for the huge opportunity of participating as a volunteer in the First Trans-Atlantic Summit held at the UN back in 2014," she told Church Militant. "I learned a lot about the pro-family and pro-life network there and shared a great time with people from different countries."

Goldberg helped to clarify the types of projects that could be funded on the site: individuals who have experienced discrimination or are suffering a loss of income or legal fees for refusing to condone the Culture of Death and the LGBT activist agenda as well as challenging their faith convictions. The stories of Stephanie Packer, given the choice to take her life or pay her own medical bills, and Julio Severo, a religious liberty blogger blocked from receiving donations by PayPal, are two examples.

The second type of project includes humanitarian causes, service projects, or to meet the needs of religious groups. Sending people to pro-life events or conferences, education and outreach to the poor or evangelization efforts are just some of the projects that could be funded. The home for sexually exploited boys in Kenya is an example. Because the home teaches on the harms of the gay lifestyle, it could be banned from other, gay-friendly crowdfunding sites.

Library in Cameroon ready for books

A second example can be found in Smiling Foundation, founded and headed by Lidwine Meffo, who is committed to improving the conditions in Africa for women oppressed by cultural beliefs. Meffo presented a speech at the United Nations InfoPoverty World Conference on April 21 about the need for technology to help reduce poverty.

With the help of several organizations, including Zeta Phi Beta, an African American Sorority, and CBS News Broadcasting Service, $45,000 worth of books and supplies have been collected to create libraries in Gambia and Cameroon to improve literacy rates in Africa, currently at 38 percent. Without a population that can read and write, a society's basic needs of food, water, electricity and health care cannot be met without assistance.

Meffo told Church Militant they have volunteers ready to set up libraries in 25 schools in Cameroon and more in Gambia, complete with computer technology that can help educate children and adults to break the cycle of poverty and dependence. They just need money to ship the books.

Another difference between secular sites and is the fee structure. Being an action group of the non-profit Jewish Institute For Global Awareness (JIFGA), donations made through are usually tax deductible. In addition, the fee structure is lower, secular sites charging 5 percent plus almost 3 percent of fees, in addition to a surcharge. charges only 4 percent plus credit card processing fees, so more of one's donation goes directly to the charity.

Goldberg made a plea to Church Militant's readers to share and pass along the word to others. Being such a new site, he needs help spreading the word about its existence. With persecution increasing against moral conservatives throughout the world, having a network of support can ease the burden on those seeking to raise funds for their cause.


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