Future of Our Nation

by Bradley Eli, M.Div., Ma.Th.  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  October 23, 2018   

Dr. Alan Keyes joins [i]The Download[/i] panel

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Doctor Alan Keyes is saying on The Download that the real rulers in America are the citizens and they exercise their authority by voting.

On Tuesday, Dr. Keyes sat down with panelists on The Download to size up the midterm elections. President Ronald Reagan's former ambassador to the United Nations and former presidential candidate did not mince words when speaking about what is wrong with the Democratic Party.

The all-American firebrand said, "Democrats, who are socialists, are not interested in individual people. They only view them in terms of the masses in whatever terms they like."

He warned voters that if they allow the Democrats to regain Congress, they'll destroy personal freedom by implementing their atheistic ideologies.

"Rights can only be understood in relation to God," said Keyes.

Keyes noted that Americans want to have their individual rights protected, but emphasized that these rights don't allow people to do wrong.

"The unalienable rights of people that are enshrined in the Declaration of Independence," said Keyes, "come from God and only allow us to do what is right." The notion that such unalienable rights allow us "to do evil," he said, "is nonsense."

During The Download, Keyes discussed the debacle of the Kavanaugh hearings, by which "the Democrats revealed who they really are," he explained. "They are socialists and all socialist regimes have failed in history," he noted.

But Keyes is not upholding the GOP as if they are without fault. He pointed out that Republicans, when in charge, "are too ready to compromise with Democrats instead of simply doing what is right."

Keyes offers daily short reflections on Church Militant's website where he lays out the principles on which America is founded. These reflections are a series called Alan Keyes to America. In these reflections, Keyes brings his Catholic faith, his political experience, his knowledge of American history and his understanding of common sense philosophy, called the natural law, all to bear on diagnosing America's many ills.

Watch the panel tap the wisdom of Dr. Keyes as midterm elections approach in The Download—Future of Our Nation.


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