Canadian Priest Under Fire for Criticizing LGBT Flag

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by Anita Carey  •  •  December 24, 2018   

Fr. Jerome Lavigne: There's no such thing as 'God made me this way'

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CALGARY, Alberta, Canada ( - LGBT activists are pressuring a Calgary bishop to fire a priest after he spoke out against the rainbow pride flag.

In February, Fr. Jerome Lavigne, vicar of education for the diocese of Calgary in Alberta, gave a homily titled "The Rainbow," on the origins of the gay pride flag.

"Globally, that symbol serves to represent, promote, to promulgate, to defend at all costs, lawlessness," Lavigne said, adding that the origins of the flag are satanic.

Globally, that symbol serves to represent, promote, to promulgate, to defend at all costs, lawlessness.

In a statement issued to Church Militant, the diocese noted that Bp. William McGrattan directed Fr. Lavigne to take down his homily in July. The statement continued:

The review of Fr. Lavigne's homily recognized that the reading from the Book of Genesis expanded to include some reflections on homosexuality. However, these reflections did not fully capture that we are all created by God and He loves us all so that each person receives from God their inherent dignity.

The Catholic Church advocates that we live together in an atmosphere of peace, safety and respect for the dignity of one another regardless of age, ancestry, body image, culture, sexual orientation and religion.

Church Militant contacted Lavigne, who said all media queries had to go through the communications office of the diocese.

The LGBT community also took offense at Fr. Lavigne's "Origins of Evil" homily he gave in September, where he said that "there's no such thing as 'God made me this way'" regarding homosexuality. The Star Calgary reported that the video was deleted after it sent a media query to Fr. Lavigne.

It was this recent comment that inspired gay activists to call for the diocese of Calgary to apologize and to fire Fr. Lavigne.

Jack Fonseca, director of political operations at Canada's Campaign Life Coalition, spoke with Church Militant about Lavigne's situation, calling out the tyranny of the liberal Left.

"Father Lavigne did absolutely nothing wrong," Fonseca told Church Militant. "I think gay activists are feigning mock outrage in order to achieve a political goal of silencing the Church."

Fonseca said his homily "was fully in accordance with Christian theology and moral doctrine" and praised the priest for fulfilling the obligation that every priest has to preach against sin and to help his flock attain eternal life.

The Church's teachings on the nature of homosexuality supported by the medical community. Licensed psychologist Dr. Laura Haynes, explained that there are numerous studies that all disprove the "born that way and can't change" theory of homosexuality and gender identity.

The American Psychological Association's Handbook of Sexuality and Psychology says, "The inconvenient reality ... is that social behaviors are always jointly determined by nature, nurture and opportunity." The co-editor of the handbook, Dr. Lisa Diamond, a self-avowed lesbian, notes that in reality, sexual orientation and gender identity are fluid and changeable.

"It would be a catastrophe if Bp. McGrattan caved to these little fascist despots and surrendered the Church's right to preach the Gospel," Fonseca said. "To do so, on the part of the bishop, would send a message to all other priests in the diocese, and across the country, that they must refrain from preaching on the sinfulness of the homosexual lifestyle and LGBT ideology."

It would be a catastrophe if Bp. McGrattan caved to these little fascist despots and surrendered the Church's right to preach the Gospel.

Fonseca expressed disappointment that the bishop ordered the homily taken down: "The Church has every right to preach what it believes and that homily could have served as a great teaching opportunity for other priests."

"Do not punish, as the hate-filled gay lobby is demanding, but rather, defend your faithful priest and reward him," Fonseca said. "This is the sort of man who has what it takes to be a good bishop some day — courage, zeal for souls and genuine pastoral concern for all to enter Heaven."

The understanding of the origin and meaning of the gay pride flag isn't well-known. The gay pride's use of the rainbow flag has been attributed to drag queen Gilbert Baker who popularized the flag for the gay community. Reasons for Hope explained the original meaning of the colors: "Baker's 'rainbow flag' started out in 1978 with eight colors, each with symbolic meaning: sex (hot pink), life (red), healing (orange), sunlight (yellow), nature (green), art (turquoise), harmony/peace (indigo/blue), and spirit (purple/violet)."

After Harvey Milk, a gay activist and pederast, was assassinated in November 1978, a San Franciso-based company began selling their surplus stock of rainbow flags they had made for a Masonic youth service group, the International Order of Rainbow Girls. In 1979, the flags ordered for the Gay Freedom Day Parade didn't include the indigo stripe, representing harmony and peace, or the hot pink stripe, representing sex; the hot pink fabric was apparently rare and expensive.

In "The disturbing secret message of the 'gay pride' flag," Doug Mainwaring noted that flags are symbols that establish territory, and he attributed a satanic origin to both the gay pride flag and the marriage equality sign.

"While these are intended as signs of inclusiveness and tolerance, their presence is, in reality, a sign of the unabashed brazenness of the ancient enemy of Christ planting his flag wherever he can to claim God's people for himself," Mainwaring wrote.

He said underneath it all is a "mocking proclamation" that the natural law, reason and the common good can be banished for the "outrageous notion of genderless marriage."

"It is Satan's way of needling, of taunting and ridiculing Christ and His Bride," he said.

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